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Sunday, January 3, 2016

15,000 photos a year…..

OK, so you are probably wondering how our big house cleaning is going.  It is going OK, last day today. It is one of those things that is boring and no fun to do, but the alternative is WORSE.
Friday we were looking for the wife's knitting thingamabob which had been Spiked (stolen by the cat to play with) and we ended up cleaning under the couch and oven..probably the first time in ten years.  (yep, there goes an allergy and asthma attack..) We didn't find what we wanted BUT did find the wife's favorite pen, missing a year, having last been seen on the table next to the sleeping cat….

I am down to sorting and mounting photos.  I was surprised to find I had done so 3-4 years ago and was better organized than I imagined.  What fun, looking at old snaps…I seem to have been good at getting snaps my whole life, according to this box of albums, but obviously having blogged ten years there have been quite a few to sort recently.  (luckily I don't print them all).  I had used my last computer about 5 years and had about ten thousand (!!!) photos on it.  I take up to 50 a day, right?  Which is winnowed down right away.  So, basically, if you do the math, before the first edit I take over ten thousand pictures a year….anyway, cleaning all ten thousand remaining pics off the old computer was easier than I thought.  I have maybe 80 or 90 actual pics to mount, and saved 350 images to a disk.  That's not took bad for five years, is it?  As in all my life, the philosophy seems to be "throw the spaghetti at the wall, see what sticks…"

IN other news, I have listed a couple of groovy new mugs at etsy, have a look, start buying now for Valentine's and Easter!
bunny mugroly-poly people mug


Michèle Hastings said...

I will say it again... I really like these new design. Very clean and modern.

the other night we had to move the fridge over a few inches to get the ice maker tray out of the freezer (long story) and Yikes! we have only been here 6 months and we really need to clean behind there!

smalltownme said...

That's a lot of pictures!

I was cleaning up outside and found the cat's missing collar. Who knows what lurks under my stove!

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