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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

frozen margaritas delivered to your door….

No, we are not used to it at all:  winter! It has been winter for awhile, supposedly, but more like five months of a very pleasant fall.  Spring arrives in the form of rain and 40 degrees in a day or 2, but we are in the middle of four days of winter (if ONLY!).  Not being used to it, even in my heaviest mittens and long johns, 9 degrees and windy gets your attention when you walk dogs 6 times in a day…. you can see Yogi didn't care, but Penny spends the day under the covers….

I had a rather vivid dream just now, speaking of running around:  I was younger and lived with other 20-something guys and one of them had a delivery business he had fallen into:  a drunk guy gave him five bucks plus 20 for a tip and asked him to fetch a frozen margarita from a nearby bar, then the guy would call from time to time for more frozen margaritas….we all got into it (the item price plus 20 dollar tip, wowie!).  So, there I was, running around Manhattan delivering booze to the foolish hedgefunders too lazy to fetch their own drinks from the corner bar…. (IS THERE AN APP for that?  Is my fortune just WAITING for me and my idea????????? I mean, the hell with the delivery part, what I need to do is set up an office in NYC and open a margarita bar and hire all kinds of delivery people and have software so that I am a drinks kingpin…………………………..)

IN other news, have I told you how much I love oval boxes???? I love them dearly… are a couple of new pots….


Barbara Rogers said...

Margarita business might be fun...throw in walking the dogs at the same time! Those are stunning lidded boxes, and ovals to boot! I love that you glaze the rim and lid edges...rather than firing them with the lid upon the box.

Michèle Hastings said...

and nowadays you could get $20 for the margarita in NYC, and who knows what for the tip!
those covered oval boxes are gorgeous!!!

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