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Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 seems like a BIG number….

A few thoughts on a new year….I was sound asleep, per usual, pretty darn early yesterday evening…the highlight of the day had been cleaning the house (day 3 of 6 days!).  I was pleased to note that the Marie Kondo system of organizing my socks and undies had lasted all year….

Other items of note:  my weight is the same  as a year ago and I probably exercise more now, so my new year's resolution, as I mentioned yesterday is not conventional.  I already eat healthy and don't watch TV.  I am full of flaws, and I read that it is wise to have only one resolution. So, as I say, it is to try to treat every day like the last chance to make something beautiful.

But, I have ambitions for the year….non-binding, helpful guiding principles….
-fly kites!  I have such a great collection! My fear of ticks needs to be overcome and I need to take advantage of windy days…
-play with Spike:  Spike is a chubby cat and he loves to play.  He needs to keep his skills sharp in case a rodent wanders through…
-work on drawing, esp. my comic "Tiny Central and Sammy Twolane"
-groom the cat and dog daily:  neither needs it but both love it
-stretch more seriously:  the wife likes to do yoga straight out of bed, and I am usually too stiff to WANT to…which is why I should take it more seriously
-quality not quantity…in everything, right?
-say it with a smile :)  why the hell not……

AND this is the year I turn 50…I have always looked and acted like a 15 year old.  I feel that changing slightly… ;)

In other news, I had some elderly bananas to use and so we had banana buckwheat gluten-free pancakes for breakfast, and then I baked some gluten-free banana nut scones…both recipes are so foolproof, easy and tasty you wonder why you don't make them every single day…..


smartcat said...

Spike looks like he is willing to help eat the goodies!
Peace and Joy in 2016!

smalltownme said...

Good ambitions for the year. I loved flying kites when Ernest was interested in them some years ago.

Michèle Hastings said...

I can't help but notice your sponge ware bowl... did you get it in NH? I was wondering if it was from Northwood Pottery. Jeff Lalish did a lot of sponge ware, and then Jeff did some after taking over that studio. Which later became the space the JZ and I rented.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I'm bad at setting resolutions but I like the idea of intentions or guiding principals for the new year. One of mine will be Gluten Free baking! I stink at it but finally have some GF flour that I think I like. Hooray. Definitely trying out these pancakes!

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