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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

glaucoma is a B!TCH

I think most humans, especially anybody lucky enough to grow older, has their health issues, and I am not writing this to get sympathy, just to express that it p!sses me off.

You may recall that I have glaucoma (an artist with glaucoma:  we all love our vision of course, but my eyes are my LIFE).  You may also recall that last month the doctor was trying the third treatment in 2 years and wanted to do surgery.  None of the treatments have worked, and soooo…I have 2 eye surgeries in the next 2 weeks. The surgery itself may not be much trouble, but what bothers me is this:

Glaucoma and vision are like holding sand in your hand.  You are only allowed the one handful of sand, ever.  And it is slipping through your fingers and you are trying to prevent losing more sand.  Ditto glaucoma:  treatment tries to prevent more vision loss, and it can't reverse damage done.  And to be clear, if treatments aren't working, you are losing vision, slowly but surely.  My doctor explains that surgery in my case has a 50/50 chance of helping, maybe 80 percent with new drug treatments too.  And we might have to redo the surgeries another time or 2. He also explains that this is your life:  something might or might not work, then we try something else, then something else…. and on it goes.

Glaucoma research may change from an eye issue to a brain issue:  since it affects the optic nerve, which is part of the brain, it is now being seen as akin to Parkinson's disease.  Perhaps, as with Parkinson's, one day stem cells will regrow optic nerves and you will regain vision.

For now, though, glaucoma is a b!tch.

(in other news, cute pinstripe mugs eh?)


Caroline said...

Nice mugs. I am at risk of glaucoma and have to be checked every year. My Dad has the eyedrops. When they test me they have to remember to use the drops with no preservative or else I get sore eyes for three days. Good luck with the surgery. How stressful.

smartcat said...

COOL! You are doing your own mugathon!

Losing your sight is one of the scariest things going! Toes crossed that it can be stopped!

Lou said...

So sorry to hear about this Gary, stay your positive beautiful self, big hug x

Ron said...

Good luck with the surgeries. Man, getting older is tough. My vision has been changing and it's driving me crazy. I can only image what you are dealing with. Take care dude. We gotta see so we can keep making fab pots!!

bartster said...

I wouldn't wish something like glaucoma on anybody. But when the disease strikes friends (my dad had it as well)and kick ass artists, well, there's just something plain wrong about that!

Cassi said...

This sounds pretty scary. I hope that the surgery will work well.

Michèle Hastings said...

Thinking of you and sending positive energy your way.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I am sorry but hopeful for your surgeries to be successful. Funny that I have an appointment at the eye doctor today and was going to not let them dialate my eyes because I have work to do this afternoon. Now that I've read this, I think I'll change my mind and get the full eye exam. Fingers and paws all crossed here for good luck for you!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Oh, Gary... what a craptastic event to prepare yourself for, and yet there is hope -- may you be the success story!

smalltownme said...

I hope the surgery works for you.Thinking positive thoughts!

Hilary said...

I'm sorry you have to go through this. Sending best, positive thoughts your way.

JB said...

All the best for your eye ops. Sight is so important for the artist! I did console myself that i could throw pots if i went blind....but i would struggle to load the kiln.

Summer said...

Stopping in to say that I'm thinking of you, and hoping your surgeries go well. And to say that your pinstripe cups are beautiful.


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