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Saturday, January 9, 2016

when cake is just like pottery….

I find baking, aside from the eating aspect, to be just like pottery:  you make things because making is FUN.
You know I have weird dietary habits, so I bake or cook everything.  A sister is visiting and it is her birthday, and LUCKY HER I baked a wee layer cake (excellent gluten-free chocolate cake recipes click here).  I started to write in icing across the top and I was like "dang, this E is BIG!" so, well, her name was improvised….
You will remember last spring I threatened my mom "I am going to steal your egg beater if you don't give it to me" which sounds kind of mean and selfish and abusive, doesn't it?  But it is a helluva tool and my favorite kitchen toy when I was a kid…circa 1960, all steel, tough as nails, made in US! She gave it to me for my birthday….
the oven was hot, so I made some scones too….wowie the house smelled GOOD.


Emily SIL said...

Nice photo, BIL! And such a delicious cake! What a nice birthday surprise.

Michèle Hastings said...

Happy Birthday to EM! The cake looks so rich and chocolatey!!

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