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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

half of 3.3 million bucks...

(trying out a pinstripe look with the flowers here….)

The astrologers will tell you Mercury is in retrograde, which makes things WACKY.  Like, the kiln shuts itself off yesterday for no good reason, well short of the intended temp.  Or the oven catches fire…yes it did.  Lucky I was standing next to it, heard the inside heating coil short, and turned it OFF.  I felt very calm at the time but DANG, what IF…?!!

The wife is very handy.  She says we will order the part and replace it …

BUT ANYWAY I had the wildest, best damn dreams:  part one, my neighbor and I were sharing a couple of lottery tickets and WON 3.3 million bucks…sure, we would split that then there would be taxes, but the remaining cash is SERIOUS.  Part 2 of the dream was the wife and me carefully making plans for that….modestly and quietly, because it is better not to attract attn. if cash falls in your lap….

Woke up feeling pretty lucky, how about you?


Michèle Hastings said...

I am feeling lucky too... just might buy a couple of those lottery tickets this week.

smartcat said...

Winning the lottery is luck. Beautiful pots like yours are the result of many hours of thought and hard work.
And don't you just love all the people who tell how lucky you are to be so creative?

Barbara Rogers said...

Love the pinstripes as well as the flowers. Good luck on that lottery

Ron said...

I've got my tickets! Gotta at least try to win.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

If I were to fall into serious cash like that, I'd be buying a serious amount of your pottery. Those matching flower mugs, and that flower vase with moonscape glaze, and and and...

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