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Monday, September 23, 2013

what is better than a beagle with bug breath?

The wife takes the wee beagle out for one last tinkle last night.  Then she jumps into bed with me, her head on my pillow, adoring ME.  This dog is VERY affectionate.
The wife tells me "she was out there dawdling for quite a while, eating bugs before she peed..." and I am like
"great, that explains her horrible breath".

Well, what is better than beagle breath?  APPLE JAM!

Trevor across the street, as you know, has a gazillion apples on their tree.  Tasty! Useful!  Enough for a thousand pies....what I love about apple jam is that it turns all your sandwiches into apple pie (with peanut butter...).  Recipe is a crock pot recipe but if you don't mind watching the stove top you can simmer it like soup for an hour or so....and OH man, the house smells swell!

In case you were wondering, the beagle LOVES apples too....

making crock pot apple jam

-chop and core about 10-11 apples, whatever fits into your crock pot
-add 2 cups sugar
-sprinkle on lots of various spices, like nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, allspice
-pour on top 3/4 cups water then stir around
-cover the crock pot and cook on low 10 or so hours, stirring from time to time if you can
-if it gets to be late in the day and it still looks like a lot of water, turn up to high and cook uncovered, stirring frequently
-I use a potato masher to make it more jam like
-put in either properly sterilized jars with tight lids (or other container when it cools, keeping it in the fridge for up to a few weeks!)
makes 4-6 cups!


smartcat said...

We understand Bug Breath! I think Winter's favorite part of summer.....being able to chase and eat crickets!

Applesauce is a much better alternative! I never thought of making it in the slow cooker. Do you think it would freeze?

Do all pups like apples? I've never seen a dog refuse an apple!

Kimberly said...

We are doing the same thing with our apple trees, only we are making apple sauce (with peels included and run thru strainer). I like the slightly wild taste. Supposed to be better for you than the highly sprayed trees.
Love your little bud vases at masthead. My favorite type of vase. I have your little bowl here that you gave me along time ago with the blueberry motif. I really like that motif. I use it for my garlic.

Anonymous said...

Your dog eats bugs? I never heard of such a thing.
Apple anything is good, ANYTHING.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Look at those gorgeous apples!!!!
I bet the house smells just delicious; enjoy!

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