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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

going handle-LESS is not quite like going t0pless...

(a cute little Audi TT convertible...T0PLESS!)

I have never seen the reason why:  I mean, we have civilization, right?  We can eat with a spoon and knife. We have indoor plumbing.  We also have HANDLES on cups!

I eat nearly everything at home with chopsticks.  So you would think I would be hip to eastern practices around the kitchen.  But I have never fully understood WHY YOU WOULD drink tea from a HANLDE-LESS cup!  One term for them, it may be Japanese, is "unomi" or something like that.

WELL, Barb shows me a pic of some small tea mugs without handles, and wonders could I, would I?

 And I like her (ordering from me usually depends on whether I like you or not...what kind of businessman am I??  A sh!tty one.....) so I look at these cups somebody else made and I am like
"Those are cute, but I can make them a million times cuter, piece of CAKE" and I do.  Of course, 2 things occur to me:

1)  you have GOT to get dogs on there, they are BEGGING for it, even if Barbara is NOT and
2)  it is so flippin' cold these days, 30s overnight, and I finally GET IT:  the reason a tea cup may not have a handle.  It is to warm your hands if it needs it, and my hands NEED WARMING (beagles are not always available) and ALSO, get this, here is the brilliant theory of cups without handles:  if you can hold the cup, the tea has cooled enough to sip!!!!!!  All those years, all those millions of people who burn their tongues, DUH!

(cups by Gary Rith)


cookingwithgas said...

there are times that I like a wee cup with no handle. These are mighty sweet.

smartcat said...

Oh for cute! I love your take on these. It can be very comforting to cradle a small cup of warm tea in the hand. Interesting thoughts on the lack of handles.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow; they really are cute Gary. And i like the way you think!

bartster said...

You are on to something here! As one whose hands are cold even in summer sometimes....I'd go for a mug sans handle. As a novice type potter, I still am learning handles....handle-less would work. Also...I had the pleasure of drinking coffee from wood fired Japanese style tea cups and loved it. Yours with the dogs are tops (up, down, you choose).

Anonymous said...

I have a Japanese tea set and the handle-less cups are SO sweet. It makes you pay attention to the cup, which is rather how they handle tea.

smalltownme said...

The temperature theory makes a lot of sense.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Brilliant on so many levels :)

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

These are great!!!!!!

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