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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ever feel like...?

Ever feel like you want to slow time?
That it is all so GOOD, right now, that if you could freeze today and live in it forever you would have everything you ever wanted?
Feeling that way lately :)
Hope things are good with you.

In other news, you will recall a few days ago I posted pics of some pots across the deck rail?  They came out of the glaze fire...and are here.  I am pretty quick, making, drying, finishing, firing, glazing, OUT!

And in other news, it is not only the CAT who likes yoga stretching with me....


Barbara Rogers said...

OK, this time I figured you HAD to have help taking those pics. Bravo to photographer! OOO, the blue pots on the railing are fantastic!

smartcat said...

I just love it when you line your pots up on your railing. They look like they are getting ready to go out into the wide world.
Penny appears to be learning yoga much faster than Spike.

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