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Saturday, September 28, 2013

I was expecting better....

Ever have that sinking feeling?  You're working away, decorating the pots with little bunnies, and your nose turns into a faucet?  Scratchy eyes, sneezes?
I got a lot done yesterday morning, had a last second dog walking gig at noon with my box of tissues, and then crawled into bed around one thirty and stayed there till this morning.
I planned to feel better this am, and I can say I AM RESTED.
You know how some colds linger?  This one is not done with me yet, I was expecting better...maybe I will glaze this morning then crawl back into bed....
No doubt there was a careless person who had this cold last week and used the ATM just before I got there (or the person at the post office sneezing all over or know what I mean).

Doesn't matter.  By the time you read this I will be in perfect good health again I am sure.

ANYWAY, I was dreaming just now that I was hosting a big party.   I seemed to be single and living in the sort of built in the 70s 2 story apartment bldg that are everywhere.... so many people were at my party you could hardly move, all over the lawn, everywhere!  I knew just a few people, all the rest were strangers who had come....just before I awoke I grabbed the camera and my beagle and a big plate of muffins so that I could pass out muffins and get pictures of the dog lunging at people to try and steal them so I could blog all that the next day....
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Barbara Rogers said...

Get better soon, Gary. Or take a few days to soak up that rest. So sorry to hear you've got the virus of the nose!

bartster said...

Hope the rest put you back to full health...I wonder how a "party scene" fits in your world.
As an introvert, I like parties where I can be with 2-3 people and have a nice lengthy chat. I'd probably feel tired after mingling with everybody and meeting a room full of people I hadn't previously known.

Michèle Hastings said...

Rest up and your runny nose will be gone in no time. I have become a hand washing freak over the year. I think the grocery store is the germiest place of all!

Anonymous said...

Yuck. My middle kid has allergies and is all stuffy now, too. I feel so bad for him.

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