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Friday, September 20, 2013

annual apple crisp post....

(laundry and pottery drying outside the studio.....just in case you thought all I do is play with dogs and cook!)

OK, so I am babysitting Yogi Thursday, and those guys, as you know, have a fine apple tree.  THOUSANDS of apples, and Yogi can't eat them all!  I made a double batch of apple crisp (recipe below) and just ate some...mmmmm! So easy and tasty, even if you don't pick your neighbors' apples...

Two notes:  1)  Yogi's family had him shorn like a sheep, but not on purpose....they had provided handsome and cute photos of the desired trim (you know Yogi looks RASTA, right?) but the clipper went all Marine Corps on them and poor Yogi has a bizarre buzz cut!  I was told "NO PHOTOS of Yogi until it grows out" and I am, well, showing only a little of him.... and
2)  this apple crisp recipe?  A person I did not like at all let me have some of this apple crisp and it was yummy tasting and they gave me the recipe.... so, I guess that makes them only 99 percent loathsome....


Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said... phone ate my earlier comment so try, try again...

I'm excited to make apple crisp after my first trip to MN this fall. I bootleg good apples back from the north since we are heavy on citrus but sorely lacking good apples down here.

What did you do to make it GF?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

This recipe is wicked delicious, maybe all apple crisp recipes are. I used GF flour and oats, that is it!

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