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Friday, September 27, 2013

McD0nalds, mashed potato, keys and FLIES

I was asleep dreaming a minute ago that I was back in my classroom in the early 90s.  Many of you remember I was a special education teacher in Chicago, blind multi-handicapped kids.  It was one of those jobs that changes you.  If you wonder what it is like to be that poor, and with handicaps also...anyway....
I dream about the classroom often.  In this dream, which was quite happy and lighthearted, all the kids had come on the bus, as they did, but each had stopped at McD0nalds on the way in to school.  All of the kids were sitting in a circle around me on a gym mat with the other teachers, and the kids were enjoying a day's break from the usual cafeteria food.  There were happy meals everywhere and happy smiling kids!  One of our main tasks was to teach little kids how to eat...pretty challenging when you may not have physical ability and you definately can't see.... so our cafeteria meals all included some mashed potato, which helped in learning to use a spoon to scoop food.
In the case of this dream, everybody just had a chance to reach into the bag and pig out :)

I had in mind to make a FROG.  A friend of mine has a frog outside with a key inside, and I wanted one.  Mine can eat keys, flies, anything...have a great Friday!

(frog sculpture by Gary Rith)


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Oh goodie, I'm the first to get the chance to say...
I dreamed I was a belly dancer. Mmmm, don't think we want details!

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