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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Time warp Tuesday: 17, annnnnd....

You know Jen runs Time Warp Tuesday, right? A chance to look at your old snaps?
I took this one when I was 17.  You are probably thinking "Gary has a long history of taking pictures of himself!".  This is probably where it started!  I was a VERY artsy fartsy kid...still am :)

In other news, i see my buddy Kerry on Monday at her office....I brought her a monster choco chip cookie I had baked for her tea.  She already has my beagle cup....
AND lookit this delightful pic of Janet's young grandson Ralphy with a bowl she asked me to make for him, a shark!

Speaking of scones, on Sunday I was over at the Quaker meetinghouse after meeting and Melissa had brought along some vegan maple walnut scones HOLY CATS they were spectacular!  I had never eaten anything like that, and so rich and tasty and VEGAN?  No butter or cream?  Melissa says she will share the recipe but you know I jumped on it and found one here I liked.
Along the way I discovered that the number one listing for maple walnut scones is from Starschmucks... ah HA.  Maybe they had something everybody liked and clever people tried to replicate it, vegan?  Because it is right there for you to google:  the Starschmucks maple walnut scone recipe, all the buttery creamy stuff, like 400 CALORIES per scone.  Which is tasty, but maybe a lifetime's worth of cholesterol?  Then you see a vegan scone, made with clever soy substitutions, NO cholesterol, and like, 150 calories I KID YOU NOT.
Melissa has not given me her recipe yet, but I liked the looks of this one and OH MY you could make it at home, so easy.  I found that the cooking time of 20 minutes should be more like 15-20 minutes, make sure they brown but do not burn.  Also, the awesome glaze on top?  It is gonna be messy and you will see I set a pan under to catch all the runoff.  I will mix less glaze next time and put it on less messily....
I also did not have walnuts and used almonds instead (so what, right? try pecans!) and the sage seems a little odd in theory, so my recipe card reads "sage or other spice", so I can put in clove or cinnamon or nutmeg if I feel like it next time...see how great they look?  YUM. and healthy!


Lori Buff said...

You make the tastiest sounding recipes.

smalltownme said...

Ralphy looks so happy!

Janet said...


That recipe sounds amazing, I'm on a maple kick lately, gonna give it a try!

k.a. barnes said...

How lucky am I that not only do I get to see Gary & Penny every week (almost) and visit with them, but they also bring me treats???

Michèle Hastings said...

yum... I'll take one scone with a medium coffee please.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Maple and Walnut works for me in just about every possible combo. Quite the cute pic of Ralphy. He looks pretty pleased with his new bowl!

soubriquet said...

Nice camera... I still miss my old rangefinder camera. It was a Rank Aldis, a british-made substitute for a Leica. Rank Aldis made movie cameras, and also signalling lamps (Aldis Lamps)for ships, movie projection equipment... so the camera was really pretty good, but hey, real photographers had SLRs.... So when I got my hands on an SLR, the old camera was forgotten, in a drawer, along with the instamatic, the old bellows folding Kodak, and the box-brownie I took my first ever pics on.

Why are there courgettes hanging from the ceiling?

auntjone said...

Ralphy returns! Yes! Love his smile. I also love your pets eyeballing the scones. And Starschmucks made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

I envy the people who live near you and get to taste the awesomeness coming out of your kitchen. And that's one wicked cute kid there.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That may the original "selfie!'

That bowl is delightful--lucky Ralphy.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Ralphy looks very happy with his shark bite bowl. I know SnakeMaster loves his snake mugs. :)

Love that artsy self photo, Gary! Broken triangle of glass, old photo, brilliant!

And oh, my, I might have to try some vegan scones for the calorie savings alone!

Becky Brown said...

Oh, those scones have my name all over them. Thanks for the recipe!

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