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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Time warp Tuesday: TRIPS.

I hear from a California friend, one of those warm weather types:  "My son is doing a college tour this spring and summer, Columbia, MIT, Syracuse and Cornell!"
and my first thought is "Syracuse has sh!tty weather".

 Only people NORTH of Syracuse think Syracuse has nice weather.  We live a short hour's drive south and get half as much snow on average...them being closer to Lake Ontario makes all the difference, but considering how much snow we get?  It is nice to be able to point at somebody else and say "haha, they get more snow than us!"  It snowed quite heavily HERE Sunday morning, as you see below, but then nearly 70 yesterday...and the ticks are suddenly EVERYWHERE dangit.

This is what I would tell my California friend's son: "Syracuse has tremendously AWESOME theater, writing and arts programs, BUT NYC, Boston and Ithaca (Cornell) are farrrrrr more fun college cities.  All are cold to COLDER compared to Cali, but I would LOVVVVVvvvve to have you here with us in Ithaca :)"

Speaking of trips, you know we were in NYC on the weekend, which is about a 4-5 hour bus ride south (bus rides can be FAST, 75 mph all the way home the other evening, less than 4 hours!).  Last summer cousin Michele asks "where do you guys like to go on vacation?" and we were stumped.  WE NEVER go on vacation, like other people do, as in, a week at the beach or mountains, NEVER.  First of all, we live in paradise and why would we want to go anywhere else?  2nd, we have NO MONEY.  None!  I think people who go to Jamaica in the winter must have VERY HIGH credit card debt, whereas, again, we have none!  No money but no debt...and of course, other than being broke and living in paradise, I really don't like to go anywhere.  Well, as you see, the wee day trips.  SO, if you were married to me, you would have to realize that it is BURRITOS AT HOME and a beer on the back deck in summer if you are looking for good times....

This pic?  I hate camping with an intense passion.  Why in hell did humanity spend centuries inventing ROOFS and double pane windows and microwave ovens and FLUSH TOILETS if you think RELAXING means going out into the bug infested woods to sleep...  I love the woods.  I love it more than anyone.  But it should stay right where it is, undisturbed by me.

I got out of college, long fuzzy hair and all, and went camping at Cranberry Lake in northern NY's Adirondack Mtns.  It is beautiful.  You canoe out, miles from anyone, and can have an island the size of a backyard all to yourself.  I am glad that I had so much fun camping in such a pretty place then, because I have been successful in sleeping inside ever since :)


smartcat said...

We camped for the first six weeks back in the mid seventies while we were getting our house up. It was a wonderful experience in 1975, but I have no need to repeat it.

Like you, we say why go away we when live in Rivendell? As for winter camping....why?

Barbara Rogers said...

You are right where you belong! Camping was fun when I was younger, and I gave up my tent in favor of a camper van that had it's own steering wheel and could go 75 mph. Now I'm glad to have family to go visit as my vacations. Still have to get a cat sitter though. Interested in spending a week in NC?

Michèle Hastings said...

I think it's wonderful that you love your home, work, and life so much that you don't need to get away for long stretches of time!

I will admit that I enjoy camping. I don't go much these days (only once in the last 6 years).

knittergran said...

I grew up in Baldwinsville, NY, outside of Syracuse, and you speak the truth about Syracuse winters!
And I'm with you on camping.

Lori Buff said...

I think camping is great if you have a nice, comfy RV around you. Of course, we have no money either, so no RV so we just visit the wood for a day trip then go home and sleep inside a house.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it grand to live in paradise? I feel the same way.
The boys love to camp, but D HATES it, so refuses to let me get a trailer. I have to tent it when I take them, which isn't ever as often as they wish we'd go.

Shortstuff said...

On our recent trip to Big Bend National Park in Texas I camped for the first time in 21 least in a tent. I did take the girl scout troop to various and sundry camps, but we were in (more civilized) cabins for those adventures. All I can say after having hoisted my backside down and back up to and from the sleeping bag is tents need grab bars. Love the 'do rag.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Ha! I LOVE camping. No RV for me. Give me a backpack and a tent and I'm more than happy to get outta here for a week or two. And a canoe and I'm in heaven!

I'm digging the do rag pic too. ;)

smalltownme said...

I am not a happy camper. Last time was 15 years ago and sleeping on the ground hurt! I've had pains in my neck ever since.

I'll pass on the tip about Syracuse!

Susan said...

I am the oldest of 5 and our ONLY vacations were camping growing up. Now I refuse to camp - my husband took the the kids a few times but it only stuck with my son who has gotten very into backpacking, etc. We all agree a hotel or a rental place is the way to stay when traveling!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Hahahahaha... I love your schtick about camping, although I still kind of like doing it myself (bring adult beverages, I'll be happy). I'm with you guys on the why we don't go on vacation: no money but also no debt! Besides, when we go on vacation, it's to drive somewhere, see the sights, and visit family and/or friends... hence, our trip to see you on our way to see Niagara Falls (and camp because it's cheap), or down to Tucson in the spring to visit my dad (and hike/camp at the National Parks). To me, a cruise sounds stiflingly extravagant.

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