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Thursday, August 5, 2010

pant, gasp....

(groovy turquoise teapot by Gary Rith)
You're kinda surprised, walking through the kitchen on a hot day: there is Penny all cuddled up to Buster. She is a very snuggly dog, but its like, 90 something and I think Buster wishes she would move away. THEN, last night? She is all cuddly with me, too, her hot furry body pressed up next to me and I am all sweaty and like GOD, get off the bed, dog!


Kimberly said...

Spencer's favorite position!

Cheryl said...

Buddy is the same way. He seems to want to be snuggled up to one of us even with the high temps and humidity. But then he gets up and sprawls on the kitchen floor or goes into his crate. He always looks so sad in the heat!

jim said...

nothing worse than a hot dog in summer although in those winter months a hot dog is really nice.

Anonymous said...

That sounds so much like our house too! hehe hot doggies!
Love the cute doggy plaque!

Unknown said...

I hear ya on the "Hot Dogs", no pun lol lol..! Ours are the same way! Love the dog tag, that is great!

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