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Friday, August 27, 2010

Georges Le Soq murders Stanley Zuccini for breakfast!

We were over at my buddy Tracy Helgeson's in Cooperstown last Saturday, which I told you about here on this blob. She served us some KICK AZZ zuccini bread and gave me the recipe (and the biggest damn zuccini I have ever seen, named Stanley Zuccini). Zuccini bread was probably invented because zuccinis suddenly take over a gardener's life every August. So you have zuccini stir fry, zuccini bread, zuccini fritters and make zuccini relish so you can eat it all year long.

This morning my rotten French scok monkey Georges Le Soq pulls out a big knife, and I see him sneaking up on Stanley Zuccini, who was having coffee and checking his facebook updates. Georges does his Jack the Ripper thing on Stanley, who was really quite HUGE, and then he is like
"Mon ami, we need to, how you say, dispose of le body. Get a wood zipper."
"Wood chipper you mean???" and he is like
"YES! Le chipper." and I am like
"Georges, I think a vegetable shredder will work fine...and GOD, I sure hope your probation officer doesn't see this..."


Unknown said...

I knew it. I just knew it. Georges is a murderer! ;)

k.a. barnes said...

Oh my god, Georges! What have you done? Stanley never did anything to you! I'm horrified. Shocked and horrified.

Michèle Hastings said...

OMG! just like the movie Fargo...

Capital M said...

This is all a bit macabre. Are we canibals now? Also, tell Georges that he's outta here the minute I read about him in the police log in ANY newspaper.

Unknown said...

OMG George, you are as evil as Salvadore now! I will have to ask Salvadore if he has been hanging around with you. I hope not for your sake....! I think you a and Salvadore have way too much testosterone for you own good! lol lol lol...:) Poor Stan! lol lol lol...I hope he goes to vegetable heaven. :)

Cheryl said...

Oh my gawd are now an accomplice to this horrible crime! You know Georges is gonna tell the police that you turned the handle on the shredder....

kate et jim said...

And you put his remains in my favorite bowl, Gary....OMG.

Anonymous said...

Did Georges watch "Fried Green Tomatoes" last night?
Although unlike those ladies who made the best BBQ evah, at least Stanley was a vegetable. Way to keep it all vegetarian! ;)

Zucchini Dessert from tastes exactly like apple crisp. I swear it's true because I ate half a pan of it last weekend.

denis said...

did you get rid of all the evidence? i hope because no matter how rotten georges is i don't want him to end up in jail.

Liz said...

if the cops are getting suspicious Georges, do not runn to Canada!

Reverend Awesome said...

Psycho killer!

Kimberly said...

Georges!!! Mon Ami! You are infected with the ghost of Dahmer! Be careful little sox monkey!

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