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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

me, my friends, our HANGUPS

My BAMF ART BLOG BUNCH group blog of friends are the most funny group of people I have ever met in my life.
I asked them about their hangups today and this is what they said:

(Thanks Jill, Kerry, Kasey, Christi, Maureen, Lizzie, Becky Jo and Stevo)

i was super pleased for the summer show, looked good didn't it? We shall aim to have another show soon--like for fall around october 1 :) Thanks everybody!
Discussion topic, please: in brief, your hangups. My wife sez: you're cute for a neurotic guy. which is like, true.
Some of my hangups: I don't like important papers on the table at mealtime, I don't like walking or biking around traffic (although I do!), and I don't like people touching me. Where did this huggy sh!t come from? I was born to fist bump. I am sure i will remember more of my hangups later. How about you? .

I can't stand hearing people eat and pronouncing the word "kyoo-pon" instead of "coo-pon." .

CHOMP CHOMP! And there was that whole nuk-leer thing and EYE-rack frokm Bush who probably also says kyoo-pon.... .

I also do not like walking around traffic and will not ride my bike around traffic. Lots of accidents in my younger days, fortunately more embarrassing than injurious. I also hate when you're walking along and another person or group approaches you and they don't move out of the way, but you're expected to. I got bumped into, walked into, jostled so many times this weekend that I honestly started worrying that maybe I died and didn't know it and people couldn't see me. .

Oh I have so many issues.

I don't wear jeans, ever. I don't like how denim feels on my skin. This causes people to want to turn me on to denim. Like they will somehow find that magical pair of jeans that doesn't make my stomach upset. They won't. I have no problem with others wearing denim. Go crazy, world. It's just not for me.

I will only eat with certain silverware. I don't like how "off" silverware feels. The same thing with glasses and cups.
The next one I finally came to terms with how weird it was last night. Okay. I leave change everywhere. Coins, all over the house. Me and Kyle both do it and until last night it never dawned on me that it was weird. I mean Scott has said, "Why do you leave money everywhere?!" and growing up and whenever my mom comes to my apartment she asks me what the deal is with the change I have all over the place. Whatever. I thought it was just them having a problem with a non-problem. Then last night Scott turned in the change we've been collecting since I moved in. 120 dollars! Oh my god. Then finally I thought, "Do you ever see change sitting around in the corner at other people's houses?" No. This is me and Kyle being idiots.

I don't like walking in places first if I'm with other people.

I'm creeped out by what I call "push bones" which regular humans call tendons, I believe. They make me sick just thinking about them. The same thing with belly buttons. BAH! Done typing about them.

Sitting at a stop light and watching turn signals going at different times makes me nuts. Somehow I think if I stare intently enough I can synchronize them with my mind.

There's more. I am a big bowl of weird. .

Man, I'm crabby today. I'm thinking of all kinds of stuff that bugs me. .

Oh my god, Kerry! I do the same thing when people don't move out of my way. It eventually causes me to question whether or not people can see me. .

Flesh-colored pantyhose. White pumps. Clear heels. Sweet pickles. Chipped nail polish- on myself or anyone else. People who stare. Thinking I have something caught in my teeth and working myself up into a full panic if I can't get to a mirror or shiny surface and reassure myself that I do not. .

Ketchup on hotdogs. .

Eww, yes. That is gross. There's something about both objects being red that offends me somehow. Hope no one here's a psychologist-- they'd have a field day with this one. .

I like ketchup on EVERYTHING except hot dogs, and I like dill pickles, not sweet. NOBODY is weird if they admit to being creeped about public toilets, no more need be said. I think the change thing is funny Kasey, now with Scott, look how it adds up, yippee! Like you are yin to his yang.
BIG HANGUP: I don't mind being touched by the wife or the cats and dogs, I love it, but STAY AWAY from my feet. The cats and dogs always want to sleep on them, NO! .

Yes, I love dill pickles, but when you get a sweet one instead, it's horrible.
I had this friend, Jimmy, in elementary school who cracked me up by doing gross things- telling Judy Zinck what hot dogs were really made of, calling Lois Jane Graham's split pea soup 'martian diarrhea,' making milk come out his nose, etc. I found that all hysterical, but the day he blew a spitwad at someone out of a straw? Made me throw up. .

Things spelled with Ks that should be properly spelled with Cs, such as Kountry Kwilt Korner. Gives me the screaming horrors.

Bugs in food also is not ok...results in involuntary yelling and flinging. I'm better than I used to be, but still. Bugs anywhere else are fine. .

Yes, Christi! The Ks!! Or cutesy intentional misspellings like Rainbo and EZKwik. .

Krusty the Klown. Need I say more? .

Kasey, you and Mason are nearly identical in your hangups. He too cannot wear denim, eats only out of certain dishes, and with particular cutlery.But he's anal about money, its all in one spot.
And he hates ketchup, the smell, the look, anything about it.
My hangups are a bit strange, I have to roll down my car windows and take off my seat belt everytime I get on a ferry. It drives me nuts when people take up the whole sidewalk, causing me to have to step onto the street or someone's lawn to pass them. Mispronunciation of words, this is the big one for me. My ex mother in law could not for the life of her pronounce margerine, shrimp, shrub or nuclear right. Everyone in Cape Breton (aside from the transplants) pronounces the letter H haytch. I could go on, but I might seem a little bit odd..... .

I love ketchup with all of my heart and soul! I will straight up refuse to eat things if I don't have ketchup. I don't care how well you prepared the food, I need my ketchup.
The one thing people say that annoys me is "I could care less." It's COULDN'T CARE LESS. If you say "could" it means there is an infinite amount of caring less out there in the world. For all I know you care more about that thing more than you care about your own children. I'll usually let it slide and just be annoyed in my head, but if I find that person annoying they are going to hear about it.

Oh Boy, here we lol lol..:0) I hate horney people who cop feels with a smile and call it a hug. I have seriously shoved people publicly that do that to me. I hate when men call me a "Dyke" when I don't fall for their obvious, horn-dog, flirtatious behavior. Everywhere I have worked they start with, "Hey, my wife is a bitch, not sweet like you"! Oh go F....K yourself stupid, I am not stupid, that is the oldest line in the book. My reply is, "Listen Ass.....e! I am a wife too and if I was married to you I would probably appear on Snapped. If you want to "Bonk" someone don't blame the wife, or anyone else, Horndog! Moron...Oh that makes my blood boil, coward. When I was a Cowgirl had one guy come up to me and say, "Hey do you want to.....!" I said, "NO WAY"! He just walked away...YEAH. Prefer that to all the manipulative psychopathic bull crap. Spell it out is my motto.
Hate "Emotional Game Players", those that put down other people's spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc....just to empower themelves. I worked for many years as a psychological profiler for Shrinks! Don't go there with me or publicly I will pronounce what a "Moron" you are!
I loath Sociopathic people who hurt everyone and their family just to feel powerful, and "Oh so above everyone else"! Which today is unfortunately 75% of the general population.
I loath people with just plain weirdness, like those who chew their toenails, people who put things in their butt (lots of those) and when I see people being cruel to ANYONE, OR ANYTHING! Look out! You now have turned "Mother Teresa" into the "Demoness from the Pitts of Hell itself"! lol lol lol...:0)
None of us are perfect I am far from that term, but I try to Respect everyone....and I mean everyone, and especially their spouses, or any intimates in their lives.
God, I truly am a "Piece of Work"! lol lol lol...:) No wonder I am poor and unsuccessful lol lol lol...:) Rather be though and not sociopathic.....LOVE YOU GUYS! and so glad you aren't any of the things I describe....You are the real deal...stay that way forever! :)
I love you and I don't do weird creepy things! .

Maureen says it: really LOVE hearing what you folks have to say and what you are up to, thanks.
My biggest hangup, of course, is time. I get very nervous about time. Makes me a good self-employed person---I map everything out for the day in my head and on paper and STICK TO IT. I like how Ben, Christi, Kerry and Stevo always let me know when they are going to arrive, if they are running late, that sort of thing. I have an anxiety attack if I don't know when things are gonna happen!
My latest 2 hangups are these: kids and chip and dips. You tell a little kid not to double dip with their doritos and salsa and there they go whenever nobody is looking, spreading the germs, and my NEWest hangup is tunnels under rivers. We were on the bus going into NY city last month and I am like crap, there is a whole river over my head! I didn't feel that way at all on the subway. That was just a street over my head.


Unknown said...

I think this is the grandest blog of lol lol...! Okay so now we really are getting to know each other, and honestly, I love each of you more than I did before, if that is possible! lol lol lol...:) Weird is exceptable, it sets us apart from each other; creeepy...not so much! lol lol lol...:0) Creepy is too creepy for me! :)

Reverend Awesome said...

Why aren't more people commenting here? Scare them off with our weirdness?
Whatever. I think we're great!

Liz said...

moi aussi! we are fabulous darling

Mrs Third Pottery blog or whatever my name is said...

Omygawd, maybe we're not commenting because we're all voyeurs?????? I wish people would signal when they drive. And no one should every trim, file or paint their nails, on any appendage, in public.

Mrs. Third said...

I meant ever.

kate et jim said...

I hate it when people SPIT in public (or anytime for that matter)! UGH.

I'm kinda weird with the silverware and glasses/cups too.

Public doorhandles/knobs are just disgusting. Won't touch 'em.

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