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Monday, August 2, 2010


Some of the members of the BAMF Art Blog Bunch have gotten together and entered this online show. Please have a look at our work!

Kasey Baker

My thoughts: I have so many thoughts. This is the Summer show and this is my Summer entry. As I said last show I plan on doing a painting for each of the seasons. This is just the Summertime feel for me. Vacations, getting away and being in your own little world. 
I don't have etsy or anywhere else I sell things.  If you want to buy things from me you'll have to contact me by email or facebook.  
I have a blog which is the most important thing that exists on the internet today. You might be reading this on it. Kudos, you. You make good decisions. 
Here's some other things I've done in a facebook photo album

Gary Rith

(vase by Gary Rith)
When you have a show, you want to showcase something amazing, and this is actually a humble little vase, BUT I had been fiddling with my glazes and wound up with this wild and bright TURQUOISE last week, which I used here with the frogs. Frogs and bright turquoise are quite summery! I will be tempted to use turquoise on everything. In additon, this vase, as humble as it is, has an unusual origin. 4 years ago in October I had my first ever open studio on Columbus Day weekend. My first EVER web customer CM came down from Toronto and Allison and Trevor came from across the street, along with dozens of other people. Allison was HUGELY pregnant and gave birth a day or 2 later. Allison's mom came to visit my studio with her grandaughter last week and this is the vase I made, and I was able to joke that the last time (nearly 4 years ago) Roxy was in my studio, she was just a big bump in her mama's belly....
You can email me directly about purchases or purchase this vase or something like it at my online etsy gallery and look at what I am up to every day on my daily blog.

Steve Gallow
Summer Time is a time of relaxation and adventure.  My family likes to travel to different parts of the world to see new things.  As a photographer, this is a great time to find new subjects to photograph.  I enjoy photographing the typical tourist shots in new ways that haven't been seen before.  I hope that you will enjoy the few photos that I selected as part of the BAMF Art Blog Bunch's Summer Art Show.  See them here on my Smugmug Site.  Stevo

George and Maureen Johnson
Here is George's entry in the Art Blog Show. He loves to make unusual bottles with sculpted stoppers. He works with glazes called saturated, in this case saturated black. It has a sort of soft metallic look to it. The bottle is wheel thrown, the base is hand built (but attached), the stopper is hand sculpted to resemble wrapped wire. The bottom of the stopper is glazed with a textured glaze. It is made out of stoneware. The size of the bottle is 8 1/4" tall including stopper. If you are interested in purchasing this bottle the price is $40.00 plus shipping. You can email me at
Here is my entry for the Art Show. This is what is called a "Gourd Pitcher". As you know I have a great love for ancient styles, but love to put a modern twist to them in regards to the glaze choices. It is wheel thrown, stoneware. The pitcher has a pulled handle with a sort of gourd vine curl at the end. I fired this piece to cone 5 with a 15 minute soak. The reason I fired it that way is because I like the results on the reactive glaze in juxtaposition to the solid green color. I didn't want them to run together. The pitcher is 9 3/4" Tall, the cups are 3" in diameter and appx. 2 1/2" tall.
The price is $50.00 plus shipping for the complete set. I do not sell online, so you can email me at if you are interested in purchasing it.

Kerry Barnes
This is always how it starts out, isn't it?  A perfect, tranquil day and then... chaos! Danger! Adventure!

Available as a framed, matted print up to 11"x14".
Please email me for details and prices.

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