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Monday, August 9, 2010

Penny goes on a small road trip

I took Penny down to the Cass Park dog park yesterday. There was no way I could let her loose with the other dogs though. You see all these happy and friendly dogs running around in the fields, chasing each other and bumping chests, and here comes this tiny little beagle, my dog Penny, who is ADORABLE and sweet natured, and here she is snapping and growling and ready to kill any dog she sees. People tell me beagles don't like other dogs, although they are generally the friendliest dogs with people, and dang its true.
So we went over and harrassed the ducks. She hates ducks too. I think they could tell she wasn't going to swim out to them. Then she came home and slept like the dead.

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Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Interesting to see the world through Penny's eyes. Not a bad life!

jim said...

amigo... it's always the smaller dogs that seem to be fearless

Jay said...

It's always exhausting going out and kicking so much ass.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Penny cracks me up, she is a complicated creature. :)

CiCi said...

Wow, Penny doesn't look like she would growl at anyone even another dog. No wonder she was so tired when she got home.

k.a. barnes said...

I almost took Minchy to the dog park Sunday morning but I was a teensy bit under the weather. To make up for the fact that frances goes to work with me, I took Minchy to the dog park every Sunday morning this winter. In spite of his usual napoleon complex, he preferred the small dogs & puppies area. He loves playing with the other li'l guys, but frances hates it. She hovers around the gate and snaps at other dogs who try to get her to play. There may be something in that beagle-theory, Gary.

Unknown said...

I could write a book about my lol lol..:) They are extremely complex creatures, but oh so campy, zesty, sweet, and darn right scrappy at times! Emily and Max are totally blended into one dog. They remind me of the mythical dog, with three heads, they are a two headed one. lol lol :) It's even better when you throw our granddaughter's Australian Shepard, Ramses, and our daughter's pug, Buttercup, in the mix! lol lol :) It's a side splitter of guffaws! :)

Anonymous said...

We have two mini doxies that enjoy people but "don't like dogs". One will sneak up behind other dogs and snap at their tails!

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