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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

its cool :)

(mugs by Gary Rith)
Working backwards in time, these babies just came out of the kiln--twas an excellent firing indeed! I was glazing this dog the other day, had just put black spots on it and was dunking it in clear...except I dunked it in BLUE. I shrugged and hoped for the best--and its awesome! BLUE DOGGY! I was also trying a different texture on these mugs and I think it looks super good.
As I say, working backwards..the wife arrived at an airport about 60 miles north of here, Syracuse, around midnight. We live very close to the Ithaca airport, like, ride your bike over, close. But her flight due here at 4 yesterday afternoon was canceled, so she sat in the Detroit airport for 9 hours, and was lucky to be able to get a flight CLOSE to her destination without having to spend the Detroit. She told me the wee little glass of wine changed her outlook at a certain point....anyway, driving up there after 10 I was like, super tired and woozy. I was only 2 miles from home and realized there was a STOP sign looming out of the fog....and stopped in time, but felt like "BE ALERT my man, stay alive and drive!" and had orange juice. Once I got the wife later we were talking and I was not tired at all :)


CiCi said...

Good thing she is flexible and can adjust the flights so she didn't get upset. I bet you both are just glad she got home safely and you were awake enough to drive and get her.

k.a. barnes said...

If you're gonna be stuck somewhere, wine helps, for sure.
I love the blue doggy, by the way.

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