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Monday, August 23, 2010

and that was Monday

OK, the day got better but it sure started off like a f##king Monday, didn't it? Torrential rains, and before that, all night long Chip and Dale in the bedroom walls here fornicating or partying or whatever, loudly, all night long. Darn rodents keeping me awake...
ANYWAY, but I unloaded an absolutely perfect glaze firing and made a boatload of stuff (some of it in this pic) and had this super good dinner, so, right, its not feeling like Monday anymore thanks GOODNESS :)


cookingwithgas said...

looks like a productive Monday- I love when that happens!

k.a. barnes said...

It certainly looked like Monday out there- gray, drizzly, icky. On to Tuesday!

Unknown said...

The good thing about Monday... it's almost over! :)

ang design said...

super groove...mondays are good!!

Anonymous said...

Glad someone was productive. Today was a total push.

Michèle Hastings said...

i am glad your monday improved. mine seemed like a total waste of time. the only good thing was that i spent the day dressed in civilized clothing and mostly in air conditioning.
tomorrow WILL be a better day.

Knight said...

Holy Productive Monday Gary! That's some nice work ya got there.

Susan as Herself said...

Oh---hope you get those squirrels out of the walls before winter when they REALLY build a nest and stick around!!!

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