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Sunday, August 15, 2010

NEW YAWK, New Yawk

Me and the wife took a one day trip with Stevo and his wife Judy to NY city yesterday. We had PLANS, the weather was spectacular, we had a blast. I am too lazy at the moment to add links, but top you see the missus at lunch on Broome St--Wild Ginger, a vegan Thai place and perhaps the BEST restaurant on're like, eating this pile of food for lunch, beautifully and perfectly prepared, a meatless feast, beautiful place....below, the missus Crosses Delancey St, just like that movie in the 80s: CROSSING DELANCEY (see it if you havn't yet, you'll love it!)
We were in the Delancey subway station and holy cats it is beautifully redone with tile murals all over....
You get off the F train subway at Hunter College and you're like, literally, 5 flights below ground, or more, it takes 4 escalators and a set of stairs to reach the street. That is me with stevo and Judy...
In front here is Julie---Julie has been a customer of mine for years, but we had never met. She needed bowls and a day of fun and happens to live in NY so we met face to face for the first time, OHMYGOSH she is the absolute best :)
Below, just over Maude's head, you see Park Ave. That's Stevo and judy and all of us on Park Ave, just like in Green Acres when Zsa Zsa sings "darling I love you but give me Park Ave"
We went to the Asia look at Pots and other such things....golly, there was this big old lidded jar from China, painted with animals and with a lion for the knob on top---Stevo and Julie says 44o years ago they were copying ME

One of my SIL is moving over by the East River and so we were over looking at the ships...and Stevo was taking pics of all the friendly pigeons....then we went to The International Center for Photography and FINALLY, of course, to Heartland Brewery on 6th ave. OH MY GOD their beers are soo superb, esp. the wheat beer...they are brewing it in copper pots right there! We tried ALL of the beers. ALL OF them :) Then got on the bus and came home!


Liz said...

all of them??? like how many is that? I love microbrews.

Reverend Awesome said...

Oh my gosh! So much fun!!! That green wall and the graffiti is super cool!!
You look on the verge of vomiting on the escalators. Too many moving staircases, huh?
You guys are just too much fun!

Cheryl said...

Now that is a field trip indeed!

Michèle Hastings said...

you sure squeezed a lot in on one day!

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting me tag along, because i am not the best YOU and maude and your super nice friends are the best - !

Anonymous said...

You guys sure managed more in a day in NYC than we did, and I thought we got a lot done!
Those beers look awfully good...

Busy Bee Suz said...

This looks like so much fun fun fun~~

Kimberly said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. I wish i coulda been there.

Unknown said...

Wish we could of joined you...everyone looks like they are having a great time! :)

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