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Monday, August 9, 2010


(Christi, Penny, me)
I am like, up at 4 something because my sweet and adorable beagle is like
"IT IS TIME FOR BREAKFAST" and I start thinking about all the tasty coffee I could have and so I get up and feed the dogs and all....and since the wife is still out of town, I get a BOATLOAD of work done. By 9 am. I finish more pitchers, clean the cat box and wash the dishes (still havn't made the bed this week...I don't know how ;) and YES, I even finish painting the window trim I mentioned yesterday (more on that later) and even painted a new display set of shelves.
"SH!T" sez I "Time to goof off" and Penny and I plot and scheme a trip to the Cornell Plantations, our favorite park (more on that later too) but I reallyreally wanted to go to JJ's cafe afterwards too. JJ's has this book exchange: bring in your old books, help yourself to something off the shelf. The books are like a tasty potluck party: there is always something super good you never would have tried otherwise.
I start thinking "who could join me at JJ's after our hike?" and I realize
"DANG! Some of my friends have JOBS! They might be at work!!!! What is up with that?????" and I think for a minute and dial up Christi, an independent artist like me:
"CHRISTI!!! Coffee at JJ's later this morning???" and she is like
"OH wow, heck yeah! I gotta go to my printer up the street from there!"
and I am like "MIND READING :)"
Penny, of course, has to try everybody's lap and sneak some snacks and bark bloody murder at passing dogs....


k.a. barnes said...

Oh, is there anything more wonderful than the way a dog looks when you're coming back to him or her?

Reverend Awesome said...

HAHA! Oh Coffee with Christ! That's hilarious!
Penny is just so pretty. She's going to take flight one of these days. Watch out!

Unknown said...

Great happy blog! Love it! That is what I am talking about, just be happy, dog happy, and have a good coffee, chat, and laughs with friends. Nothing better than that! :)

Nicki said...

Wish I were closer!

Unknown said...

Penny is so cute and sounds just like our Scout, she barks up a storm at other dogs too. But she is still a fantastic dog.

CiCi said...

I always wanted to have a small coffee and tea place with bags of chips and cookies and old sofas and chairs and have a book exchange like you mention in this post.

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