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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

wee little display, part 3, at Aurora Arts and Design

My pal Dee last November was like
"Gary, you gotta meet Jacci, she's starting this new gallery in Aurora" and there were emails and it turned out I had met Jacci a couple of years ago, when she bought pots from me for her daughter, to celebrate her daughter's finally passing a driver's test. I would say a piggy mug is great incentive and reward, and the girl made it on the third try.
SO ANYWAY Aurora is this fab little town north of Ithaca, up Cayuga Lake a bit, and it has a little college and cute main street and such, and this is the former school bldg, tres gorgeous, right on the lake front.
I made my display yesterday, after Jacci and the gang said
"make it bright, colorful, wild" and after you saw me rummage around the garage, I got my display together and brightly painted.
The wife this morning is like
"this thing is still wet" and I am like "no no, its fine, really, it will be dry by the time I get there" and I arrive and Jacci is nearly hyperventilating with joy she loves my display so much (she is soooo nice, that's her down there in her photo studio) but then Jacci is like
"is this oil paint? It's still wet" and I am like "latex, its supposed to be sticky..." and I hide my hand which is purple and wasabi green....
Blah blah blah, did I mention my teapot won a BIG FAT PRIZE and I am gonna be on TV? Sorry to sound jaded, but, ahem, it is not the first time me and my teapots have been in TV (readers may remember 3 years ago) More on that later....
and there is our house, with the snow getting deeper and deeper...


Unknown said...

LOVELY display... I knew there would be purple in there somewhere... ;)

So, I just saw on the Yahoo news that Fullerton has gotten 55 inches of snow in 9 days. How far are you from Fullerton, NY?

Anonymous said...

Your new display is awesome!!! Wow and on TV too doubly awesome!!!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Love the shelf set up! Cute shop! Whoo-hoo, You are a pottery celebrity!

[Sorry about all the snow...]

Gary's third pottery blog said...

We are a short distance south of Fullerton (or is it Fulton?). They are closer to Lake Ontario and have a bit more than us :)

Trish said...

Phew!..great post..:)
and yes, love the colour of and content of the display.
Where, when will you be on TV..I wonder if we can find you waaayyy up here?
..keep the shovel handy for that snow! Trish from Alberta

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your display looks so great, especially with all your pretties displayed on it. But hey, it looks wet still.


Hilary said...

It looks so cool with your pottery on it.. nicely done!

ang design said...

wow now that stands out...hehehe i see it, maybe a pic of your house on a postcard for your stand....super stuff the yellow looks brilliant in there...ooh you all spammed out!!

Unknown said...

Yup! That display is a real wowser, and all with 'found' stuff plus energy and imagination. The colors are so attractive and should have done some powerful pulling on people to come look! Hope you made a bundle.

Reverend Awesome said...

Gorgeous! That will draw people to it for sure!!
TV!?! What will you say?!

kate et jim said...

Yup! Love the shelves! They look terrific, Gary! The colors are wonderful!

Sorry about all the lake effect snow you're getting. We're supposed to get a couple of inches on Thur nite/Fri.

Nicki said...

Congrats on the WSKG win with that lovely tea pot.

I will, once weather clears, have to head up the lake to Aurora and see the new gallery!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your big win and for your upcoming television spot!

soubriquet said...

Gasp! Only now do I see the ENORMITY of it!
He...he makes shelves to match his pots and, and, and,, the house the HOUSE too!!!

Cheryl said...

The shelves look wonderful as well as the display. Congrats!

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