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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

part two with Georges Le Soq: Georges wants to buy shirtkickers....

My house guest Georges asked if I could take hime down to shop for boots on our way to the Chapterhouse bar (see post down a couple of clicks). George has a size LESS THAN ZERO and was insulted that the closest possibility were children's shoes.
Later I heard him talking with Christi over beers:

"So Christi mon amor, you are going to Thailand and we are saying goodbye for a few weeks. We shall miss you"
and Christi is like "Thai food breakfast lunch and dinner, free plane ticket, warm weather, I am out of here! I'll be back by spring"
and Georges is like
"Thailand, it is full of monkeys. I know you must love zee monkeys Christi"
and she is like
"actually they kinda creep me out. I hope I don't see too many monkeys. You don't creep me out Georges"
"Zees is good. I am most sophisticated. Tres hip, tres chic. I was shopping for le DOC MARTENS boots earlier. Zey did not haff my size. My feets, they are tiny. Gary got some boots though, real, as you say, SHIRTKICKERS, yes?"
and Christi is like
"oooo, I have 4 pairs of Docs. The last pair I got is shiny blue!!!! I have, and I am embarrassed to admit it..."
"Christi dahlink, you can tell me ANYTHING" said Georges
"Well" said Christi "I counted? I have 47 pairs of shoes...."


Busy Bee Suz said...

Georges is very smooth!!!
Congrats on all the good stuff this week Gary!!!

Anonymous said...

the monkey knows his beer! as for christi... lucky you, going to thailand. my favorite kind of cuisine and everyone i know who's visited thailand say the people there are the friendliest of anywhere they've ever been.

Land of shimp said...

I like ze outrageous accent!

This reminds me of a bowling pin that was taken to sites around the world, and photographed with them. Whenever someone planned a trip from this group of people, the traveling bowling pin went along for the photo op.

I like the Monkey's travels just as much. The pin had no accent, for one thing.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Georges is quite internationale...

Cheryl said...

Hmmm....maybe Georges could have a pair custom made...

Christi said...

Georges told you about my shoe collection?!

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