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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Its kind of a long story, and it ends in my hallway.
Years ago, the best I understand it, the wife's grandparents bought a derelect rooming house in the country that had some nice stained glass (we have 2 panels--the building is gone now btw) and there was this large painting of a topless woman that came with it (what kind of "rooming house" was this???). It came with the place. Somehow the picture ended up with another relative for awhile, and last month it landed here, the canvas seperate from the frame.
Last night me and the missus spent the evening mounting it and hanging it. Its monstrous, its huge, its nekkid, its in our hallway, and I am looking up at it and remark, fully realizing the subject matter for the first time
"she's topless, those are her B**BIES!" and the wife sort of seems to be thinking about it and I say further
"this painting was like for a bar or a bordello and now its outside our bathroom!!!!"

Varied other shots from the day. I was all excited about the painting last night and could hardly sleep and Kashmir was sorta bouncing around in my head too....


Anna M. Branner said...

I wish I could scratch my back like our pooches do. It looks like it feels so GOOD! Have you seen the DVD "It Might Get Loud?" Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White. Really good. :)

Anonymous said...

boobies and kashmir... love led zeppelin, i hear that song makes a good ring tone, especially if you are an imam

Cheryl said...

Wow, what a painting! It certainly will make a great conversation piece. Now how many people can claim that they have such artwork in their home? Ah...the life of a dog.

Emily SIL said...

I like how the painting looks. Diana (Greek goddess of the hunt) has definitely found a good home. And Penny is in the picture, too. Two goddesses, one mythical, the other living in one snap! Now that's just magical!

Jay said...

I think every home should have a painting of a topless woman in it. It adds class to a house. ;-)

Lynda said...

Nekkid outside the bathroom sounds right.

Trish said...

Since I am an 'Antiques Roadshow' fan, I am wondering who painted the nekkked lady? You could have a big retirement package hanging outside your bathroom :). She is beautiful.

Julia said...

That's actually a very lovely painting! We have nudes in our house, too, from my days in art college figure painting classes before I figured out I didn't really WANT to be a painter instead of a potter. :) It is always fun when my 9 year old son has friends over for a playdate and I get to watch their conservative mothers stop short and stand speechless at the 4' reclining nude in the hallway.

Oh, yea, b**bies. Always good for shock value.

soubriquet said...

Youtube won't let me see the vid, it says not available...
So I had to go into my music files and crank up "Physical Graffiti" YEAH!
Henhouse Pottery made me laugh, we had a pic of a crazy skull ,with writhing snakes, on our stairway, my sister painted it and the family affectionately called it "Charlie"... But visitors.... HA! their eyes boggled.
She was studying anatomy, in order to improve her drawing of people, and her school set a halloween project.
As for nudes in the house, every home should have one.
Boobies! it's a man thing, girls, we just can't help it.

Great captcha- "login"

Barbara said...

You could write a novel about all the escapades that your b**bie painting has seen in its lifetime of looking out from whatever wall it was on.

And now, the hallway outside your bathroom . . .

soubriquet said...

Grrrrrr! That youtube still says "Not Available"
So... ThIs is a good version, live at Earl's Court, 1975

Chelle said...

You haven't done Kashmir until you've done the Foley & Lenny White version. AWESOME!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I think she is a classy nudist!!!

Emily SIL said...

I like that you placed the painting at the top of a stairway. So you can ascend to her (pagan) altar, or alternately, she can look down toward you and protect you from up above. Every home should have the protection of a goddess.

Susan as Herself said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE that painting!!! Lucky you to own it.

I love Zeppelin too!!!

Werner Sun said...

Closeups, Gary! We demand closeups!

And what's with this only one post since 8AM???

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