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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tater tot enchiladas with Georges Le Soq...

You will remember 2 weeks ago Georges and I made tater tot pizaa and last week tater tot burritos which were UNBELIEVABLE and as I say below, Georges had something in mind and asked to come with me to the store today. What he had in mind was superb, let's hear his thoughts:
" mon amis, zee tater tots, dey are most delicious, as you know. They are good on pizza, oui. Zey are better in burritos, again, OUI. But I was thinking about that which is both, how you say, spicier and yet saucier. Zo we make ze tater tot enchiladas. First we saute zee veggies and soy and beans and use that to fill zee tortillas. Zen we add some tots. And here is when I get a little, how you say, WILD, mebbe: I top zee tortillas with zee sauce, zee cheese, zee beans, and believe eet or no, more tater tots, zen I bake dis. Oh, so good! Dis time I have with cow beer"


Unknown said...

Mmm... tater tots.... *drool*

Stacey B said...

Holy moly, I think I could be a veggie if I lived there!

Anonymous said...

You guys are a kick azz team in the kitchen, you wanna come cook over at my house! ;o))

Gallow said...

I don't know how you eat tator tots. They taste terrible to me. Yuck!!

Everything else looks great.

Anna M. Branner said...

Tator tots always remind me of college. My husband REALLY wants you to cook at our house. Bring Georges!

Dez said...

YUMMMMYYYYY!!!!! Who woulda thought?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Have you started shopping a cookbook yet?

Kim Hines said...

that sock monkey's a trip. can you send him over to my house to cook?? and OMG i can just see you at the grocery store w/ him, how funny that must have been LOL

cookingwithgas said...

a man has to be very secure to take George out with him!
Or maybe George has to be very secure to go out with Gary!
Anyway it works and I will look for you on the cooking channel.
Move over Emril!
The monkey with that cute hat is gunning for you!

denis said...

you need to have your own reality show!!!

Kimberly said...

Tater tots is GOOOOODDDD eaten! During my youth kids streaked across campus for them yummy lil morsels of refined tater!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen cow beer (only animal beer, which is terrible until you have had 2 or 3 of them... and then it is fun to say "this beer tastes like sh!t" while you pop open another).
I LOVE tater tots and I wish I was there to eat these awe-inspiring creations. My family does not love tater tots, so I fondly gaze at them in the grocery store aisle.
Georges is brilliant!

Cheryl said...

Cow beer???

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