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Saturday, January 23, 2010

scaring the crapola outta a bunch o' geese...

We went on up to Jacci's gallery in Aurora and I gave her a little zebra cork to put into her zebra teapot's spout which she had bought from me--she likes to do that to keep things hot, and aren't her photos phab?
Then we were on the beach on Cayuga lake and I was getting pics of all the geese and holy cats! Look down at my video!!!!


Nicki said...

So cool!

cindy shake said...

Bet those grounds are well fertilized now with all the Goose poopy!

kate et jim said...

Only you Gary, could scare that many Geese, eh??? lol

Nice video!

Jessica said...

Lovely! :)

Cheryl said...

Yikes, "The Birds" spring to my mind!

Anonymous said...

haha i wondered where all our Canada Geese had gone!

Gordo said...

Everybody into the pool!

Unknown said...

Those honkers look like my neighborhood... we live on a Canadian Goose Reserve.. and they are LOUD! :)

corinne said...

Maybe one of them flew into that jet engine where they had to close down the runway to clean up "bird remains". Eewwwkk.

Hilary said...

Our geese have been arriving in droves the past couple of days. Now I know who sent them.

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