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Thursday, January 7, 2010

ME: ready for prime time?

Everybody yesterday is like "Gary, you and your teapot are gonna be on TV?" and I am like
"well, yes, but its not the first time" which sounds like I am some kind of pro, or maybe just a little jaded. Or maybe I am simply full of baloney.
The story goes like this:
Laura emails last October "I need a piggy bank for a baby shower, can I visit your studio?" and Laura comes along on a Saturday afternoon, and my first thought, of course, is
"goodness, you're tall!" (I am a compact person myself, and find that I look up to most of the world) but I manage to keep my mouth shut and hopefully Laura is not reading this today, but if she is, I am telling the truth when I say she is the absolute best person and I am glad I met her.
Anyway, she chooses a piggy and mentions she works doing something arty for WSKG radio and TV and I, of course, say
"Oh! Me and my teapot were on your station back in 2007, I was interviewed live during the spring auction when my teapot was donated for fundraising" and Laura says
"I know, I was there, right by you, on the phone" and I am embarrassed, of course, because obviously I am one of those stars who forgets everybody they meet.
ANYWAY, turns out Laura is friends of some of my friends, Liz and Nicki (you have seen us partying with Nicki at the Chapterhouse happy hour) and later on I get another email from Laura, along with hundreds of other artists in upstate NY:
"WSKG is having a competition and traveling exhibit. There will be judges, and a certain number of items will be accepted, and from that group, there will be prize winners blablahblah"
Laura kept sending reminders, I kept forgetting about it, but just before the Dec 1 deadline I emailed in an app, with this teapot as my entry.
Laura emails on Dec 11
"the judges were very impressed! Here is the list of accepted entries" and mine was IN so I mailed my piece to the station and forgot about it.
Yesterday, Laura emails again:
"The winners! First place, blah blah, second, blah blah blah third place 3d--Gary Rith!"
And I am like "wow!"
And she goes on to say something like
"we will be filming the awards party Friday and somebody will arrange for your interview and then your pieces will go on a tour of upstate New York".
And I am like "party? Friday? Filming????? INTERVIEW??? What????"
I don't know any more yet, but this link has the full announcement. Sadly, the studio is over an hour away and we may be having a nasty snow storm Friday...I dunno if I can make that party although I should try hard.


Anndi said...

First... CONGRATS!

Second... I sure do hope you can make it to the party!

Third... I have to look through your teapots, I've always wanted a handmade teapot.

Reverend Awesome said...

I'm going to go with you being full of baloney.
Being on TV is a big deal! Even if you've done it once before! You act like you're Al Roker or something. On TV everyday! Ain't no big thing.

Please use the phrase "Let's take a look at weather in your neck of the woods"

Anonymous said...

congrats amigo! if u decide to go and you get interviewed, show them your tattoo

Jay said...

Nice! Hope you can make it to the party. And hope they have free food and drinks there too.

Hilary said...

Congrats to you.. hope you make the party. :)

soubriquet said...

Remember the little people, Gary....
Don't forget us.

"Celebrity potter Gary Rith spoke to me", he said.... "What did he say to you?"..............."Get out of my way!"

One day, painting wine-boxes, the next, a superstar.
We expect a Youtube of the show!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Yeah, I don't have a TV and I don't know what I can do to get tape of all this. Or whatever. last time at the station there was a huge banquet--a tax deduction for a restaurant or something :)

cindy shake said...

...wear your leather jacket!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your piece is going 'on tour'...that is awesome.
I sure do hope you miss all the little people (us) when you are famous!!

Lynda said...

You are such a star! I agree with Cindy - wear that leather jacket. I love the elephants - you should've won FIRST place imo.

BSOB said...

Word up Dawg! You're a superstar now! I hear they like beagles on MTV and Oprah just loves purple houses so you're on your way man. just remember i have a clean driving record so if you need a tour bus driver who might sometimes drive a little tipsy, then give me a call.

BSOB said...

kit sink tonight?

Jessica said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!:) You rock! And you NEED to go to that party!

Unknown said...

Just imagine -s if he arrives at the partay, shrugs out of his leather jacket, rolls up his sleeve to display his tat and offers a toast using his very own, hand made and VERY special drinking mug with one of his favorite lagers therein! Can't you just hear the huzzahs? After which he could shyly announce the provenance of the mug and modestly mention that more were available at the rear of the room. Ah, I see it now. (Oh, no, how did they find out, I'd slipped out of my straitjacket?)

Unknown said...

Congrats! Hope you make it to the party.

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