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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

out with the old, in with the NEW....undies too...

Women, you know your guys. Is he like me?
I think I am finally tossing this pair of undies. When you can stick several fingers through the holes, it is probably time for the dustcloth pile. I mean, we have had 16 good years together....
and as for us guys, you have to consider your boots too. I have an extremely elderly pair of timbos I only use to mow the lawn. They are now not only a beat up mess full of holes, thye are also green. I have a 20 year old pair of Bean boots, in remarkably good condition, and a pair of 6 year old logging boots in their prime. But last week, a ten year old pair of boots gave up the ghost...too many holes, too much snow coming INSIDE the boots.
So yesterday I got myself some Docs, seen here. Mmmm hmm, as Georges would say, shirtkickers.....


Land of shimp said...

I think there has to be at least one person in a relationship that wears their clothes into tatters, but it isn't necessarily the husband. I'm the person here who has to finally, rather woefully, embrace the need to throw a garment away...and nine times out of ten, it is my husband telling me to do it.

Maybe that's some key to finding a lasting love ;-) Opposites may attract when it comes to views on many things, but most frequently it then seems that riots ensue.

The true opposite we need is someone who will say, "That's held together by the holes! You're dressing in swiss cheese! Cheese is not meant to be worn!"

Somebody who gives us balance, fills in the holes ;-)

Thanks for the return visit, and I do appreciate it, but don't feel pressured to do so. My style is wordy (geez, you think?) and yours is spare. Just saying, if you aren't wordy by nature? I'd be an exhausting blog to visit, but thank you for yours.

Susan as Herself said...

My mother always used to tell me that if I got into a car accident and they had to rip my clothes off, and if I felt nervous about strangers seeing my underwear, it was time for new. Hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I have had the same pair of Docs for the past six years, and finally need a new pair. Best shoes ever, and so comfortable, great fro working in the studio thanks to the steel toes.

Jessica said...

Loving the Docs dude! :)

Reverend Awesome said...

Nice kicks.

Scott is not an underwear keeper as far as I can tell.
He also has a lot of clothes. I, on the other hand, do not. I wear the same things every week. I would wear the same outfit every day if people wouldn't shame me for it. Sometimes I wish life came with a uniform. I hate clothes that much. The powers that be could just decide what I wear for me.

Cheryl said... and my husband are just about neck and neck with the old undies look....If necessary I can organize a weeding out and disposal of undies at a moment's notice and believe me, I have! That old car accident fear scares me into doing so...

PEACE said...

So why is it that guys are so attached to their undies?

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