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Sunday, January 31, 2010

the last day of January thank GOD

January 31 has been a profoundly wonderful day for us. At least twice. Being the old softie and sentimental fool that I am , it marks 18 years since me and the missus started to date. We had known each other since 1989 and been very good friends, but being the slow poke that I am (plus involvement with other people on both our sides) it wasn't until I hosted a party January 31, 1992 and she offered to help with it that, well, you know :) We got married 11 months later on Christmas.
THEN again, 4 years ago, we got the offer on our old house. We had lived in a pretty little house in the New Hampshire woods for over ten years, but what with the drug dealers who had moved in up the street and the fact that our property tax bill rose to 8 thousand a year, we decided to sell December 2005. We had many potential buyers (twas the HEIGHT of the New England housing bubble, as it turns out, and real estate was frenzied) and we got a good offer after only a few weeks on the market, January 31, and best of all, they wanted to close 4 weeks later, no messing around, which we did and moved to Ithaca March 1, 2006.
And January 31 is wonderful too because you have just about had it with this winter sh!t (10 below zero out there on our thermometer) and January is a long one....
Check this teapot out, another in a series of small teapot experiments--turned out super well, I liked it so much I made another like it right away.

(teapot by Gary Rith)
AND you absolutely love the best Motown tunes, and maybe this is one of the best of Motown's best


A said...

Congrats to you both! It's a pleasure to see such a lasting commitment.

Nicki said...

You two are great together!!

And, I am glad you moved to that purple house. How would I have met you both if you were up in NH?

Unknown said...

8 THOUSAND and DRUG DEALERS?! I'd be moving too....

Congrats on today! It is a great day (minus the temperature)... soon, it'll be mid February and things will start trying grow again!

I ♥ Red teapots! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

A momentous day!!!!
10 below zero? OMG. We have our doors open this is about 70.

cookingwithgas said...

I am with you GR- Spring needs to make a show soon.
Love what you are doing with the teapots and handles.
Very nice touch there.
Best to Ms. Tastycakes!

Anonymous said...

congrats gary and maude... the moral of the story is to go for it, it seems. pick up and go.

Hilary said...

Congrats to you both.. so nice.

Unknown said...

Roll on spring and WOW what a teapot!!! Looove it!!!

Reverend Awesome said...

I'm happy the two of you got together. Fantastic couple. Sometimes true love takes awhile.

The tea pot is beautiful. It looks like something one would buy from India.

Unknown said...

I am so GLAD! that you decided to make a second one of that yummy teapot. Mucho eye-catching and beautiful, with that Rith 'wink'! Tell me s secret? All those lines and squiggles, do you paint them on one at a time, or do you have a sort of 'stamp' of some sort? I ask because it looks like a ton of work to put all that design work on a single piece, not even including the 'heffalumps'!

Trish said...

Great post those little teapots, and yup!! we are tired of this winter gig too!! snowing again today..geezz!!..
Here's to February..

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