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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

tater tots + tortillas = tater tot burritos!

Holy cats did I discover something AMAZING. The tater tot pizza the other day was good, tater tot burritos are better than SOCKS.
Georges, our Franglish sock monkey house guest is like
"tonight, mon ami, zee wife, she is out?"
"true, Georges, we can watch the rest of The Office, season # whatever"
"zat is TRUE mon ami Gary, but there is more: we can make a, how you say, experiment in zee kitchen"
"oui--Gary, we make zomething nobody has eaten: zee tater tot burrito, I am guessing, mon ami, will be GOOD"
and so we take the tots and the tortillas and the salsa, onions, tomatos and beans and spread and mix and heat and then just before serving Georges is like
"mon ami, zees is spicy hot dish, yes?" and I am like
"sure it is! Tabasco and all" and Georges is like
"mon ami, we enjoy with BOURBON shots, is good, is extra fiery, extra spicy, NO?"

And folks, I can tell you first hand, whatever way you have eaten tater tots, forget it--don't waste them, put them into tortillas! Golly that was the best.


Anonymous said...

Can you please send Georges to ours? I need some relief in the kitchen!

P.S That plate is beautiful (not talking about the food now).

kate et jim said...

Sorry Gary, you can keep your tater-tots. But the rest of it looks yummy!

haha- my word verification was 'pormed'! lol

Anonymous said...

Holy Cats! Did you actually eat that?

cookingwithgas said...

oh,that george he really knows how to eat!

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Ohhhh! That looks tasty! Georges is one smart monkey.

Jay said...

Just about anything is better wrapped in a tortilla.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

of course I ate that! Damn its good!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I recognize that plate!! :)

Can I have some of those burritos minus the Tabasco? I still want the shots, though. YUMMY DINNER!!!

BSOB said...

i'm seeing - Food Network spot. Rachel Ray dont even know abt the tater tot burrito

Nicki said...

I think I would leave out the tater tots but it does look yummy!

Anonymous said...

mon ami...go. you and that sock monkey are blazing new culinary frontiers. the deep fryer, don't go there man.

cm said...

Toss in some bacon, and you would have perfection.

Stacey B said...

I will be making those!

Unknown said...

Ohhlalalalalala! Zat Georges! Quelle inspiration! I'm sitting here wiping my chin just LOOKING at the pix! And, Tater Tots are quite acceptable pour moi, aussi, I snitched so many from my kids' plates as I was serving them before daddy and I went out leaving 'em with a baby sitter. Truly an inspired concoction, Gary, you and Le M. Georges.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You need to start your own line of gourmet burritos!

Cheryl said...

Oh delish! Could I borrow Georges for a while? I need to spice up the menu here.

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