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Friday, January 1, 2010

let's talk New Year's day

(Spike surveys the mess and throws a few things on the floor to make his point)
New years in this house means CLEAN up. Like spring cleaning, but more, and inside. I was bad and lazy last year, so I gotta double sized pile on my desk. I have 3 desks actually, and yesterday cleaned the easy 2 out of 3. So I could feel successful. This desk though is like, impossible, but I'll try. Later.
So, you think RESOLUTIONS??? I have my private resoultions, which seem to be the same each year, and my public resolutions, and then my rejected resolutions.
Public resolution:
drink good whiskey, none o' that cheap stuff---I do well with this one each year
Rejected resolution:
keep my mouth shut--everybody sez I am more amusing when I blab my mouth, so why stop?
And forget it, the 3 private resolutions are PRIVATE and get your minds out of the gutter you filthy preverts, nothing like that....

Here are a couple of things out of the kiln this week---the black bowl has a very pleasing pattern I plan to use again and the black mug in particular has the kind of ridges I really like and that circle handle... tres good.

(pottery by Gary Rith)


Unknown said...

C'mon, G. Tell us the private resolutions!

My resolution this year?

Make more POTS! (well, and sell more pots... that's really the underlying goal here). ;)

Hilary said...

Happy New Year, Gary and Maude.

I like the black too.. and the green one.

cookingwithgas said...

Happy New Year Gary- seem s like just yesterday I stumbled on your blog.
You are still bringing that smile and laugh I need to get through a day.
To you, Penny, Spike and the sweet Misses.
2010 bring on the good stuff!

Anonymous said...

amigo... my whole house looks like that desk... happy new year to maude, you and the critters

Shortstuff said...

Happy new Year from central Virginia. Thanks for the amusing posts and the glimpses into your life. I've enjoyed meeting you, the critters and Missus Tasteycakes, if just in cyberspace.

Reverend Awesome said...

Happy New Year!

Cheers to continuing to run your mouth.

Gordo said...

I'm working to get into better shape this year. Not so much a resolution as a goal.

Happy New Year!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Love the yellow cups and saucers at your header!

Resolutions, hmmm. I'm working on mine and then I'll post a little later.

Tackle the desk, Gary. I can already see my way through it. Too bad I'm not there though, but I trust you to handle it. Post a pic when it is all neat and tidy.

Happy New Year!!!!

soubriquet said...

Nice tidy desk..... I dare not photograph mine. If I worked on it for a couple of hours it might be as tidy as yours.

But of course, I'd find buried treasures and be diverted.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are good at making great pottery, making good resolutions, but you are needing work on the organization. :)
I suppose you can't do it all can you? I can organize, but not make resolutions or pottery!!!
\Happy New year, Suz

BSOB said...

GMAN!! Happy New Years Dude! But dont go trying to blame the cat for things on the floor around the desk - we know the real deal.
And any time - let me repeat, anytime you feel the need to splurge on a fine bottle of whiskey, give me a call and im in for half. Do you like jameson? The aged 12 year is superfantastico. lets hit it, and start a band already - what the hell are we waiting for!? I can sorta play guitar, can you play the drums? Or maybe we can just start a karaoke band instead

Linda Starr said...

you should see our RV, happy new year, love the yellow glaze you achieve.

Gallow said...

Fantastic colors on the bowls and mugs.

The closet is in, my clothing is sorted, and I can see the top of my dresser again. Woohoo!!!

Cheryl said...

Spent the last couple of days cleaning up and clearing out stuff around here. I swear the house rose a few inches off the foundation with all the cleaning I've done! Love, love, love the yellow pottery!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I like that bowl!

Resolutions? Pffffft. We'll just keep working on the desk situation and drink good whiskey. :)

Happy New Year, Gary & Maude!

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Happy New Year Gary!... Love the black bowl.

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