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Saturday, January 23, 2010

le beagles.....

(beagle mug by Gary Rith)
Dig some cute beagle videos!


Unknown said...

Ok, I'm back now...

The videos are too cute.
The red mug is hawt.


BSOB said...

puppies! so cute!

DirtKicker Pottery said...

I love those puppies!!!

cindy shake said...

It must be the long winter...I was LOVIN' all that GREEN GRASS! The pup mug is way cute too ;o)

Land of shimp said...

Oh my goodness, explosive cuteness. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Will there be an survivors from this, the maximum allowable cuteness in history?

We shall see. You know, when our last dog sadly succumbed to the limitations of dog years, we discussed when and if we would have another dog. I mentioned a Beagle, my husband looked aghast, "Nooooo, I couldn't take the howling!"

I would like to point out that all of our dogs have been Scottish Terriers, all of whom atypically howled. Methinks he is simply not ready for another houndy (neither am I, yet).

So thank you for the puppy fix in the interim.

Anonymous said...

That red mug is great, love the colour and the puppy video is soooooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

amigo... sofia really likes the dog videos, i think she could watch the puppy and the rottweiler all day if it lasted that long. i prefer the movie of the geese in the next post... wondering what you all did to get them to take off like that.

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