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Sunday, January 24, 2010

go NINJA all over Spike's azz...

Yeah right. As if you could ever sneak up on Spike.
Basically, as you may know, I do very little, but I blog it all. Yesterday? Well, yesterday was pretty active, and there were the geese (see post below) and yesterday evening I was invited to a party at a fancy Thai restaurant for all the ceramics art instructors at the Cornell University pot shop (all the pictures sucked except Georges Le Soq sucking down the monkey wine, below). I reread the email before setting out, assuming I would be buying my dinner, and it looked like the university was treating. SO, we all sit down and enjoy this feast and I ask Andy the director, so um, is this on Cornell??? And it was :) Makes you kinda glad you ordered 2 appetizers and the lime best pal Norah was there and she was gonna go home and make bagels (holy cats! that's tricky!) and I hope she blogs it, and then, of course, I dreamt I was kidnapped by bank robbers and it was a stressful ldream but at least I didn't get shot.

and dig this French music video my SIL suggested, so explicitly erot!c, I am told, it was banned from French radio (40 years ago, but you know...I don't know any French, so I wonder what the dude is singing? "I want you over the couch, I want you in the back of this boat, I am gonna have you right here in the park....") it is rather cute and sweet


Unknown said...

Spike must still be a youngster if you can't sneak up on him.

Asti is old (15!) so she doesn't pay attention anymore... or care for that matter. :)

Ron said...

V. sexy song. Here are a few lines of the lyrics from Wikipedia.

Je vais et je viens, entre tes reins" ("I go and I come, in between your loins")

"Tu es la vague, moi l'île nue" ("You are the wave, I the naked island")

"L'amour physique est sans issue" ("Physical love is a dead end").

The heavy breathing... well...that's just a perfect ending I guess.

Emily SIL said...

If those are really the lyrics, it's no wonder it was banned. I think it got a second life when it was in Austin Powers

cookingwithgas said...

And here i was thinking he was singing I thought she was over 18 oh yes, she told me she was over 18 and I find out she is only 15....
This shows how much i know!

Cheryl said...

Great photos of the pets. Love the rolling on the rug! Budster does that alot.

Barbara said...

Yum, Thai food, and even tastier when someone else picks up the check.

Georges looks a little glassy-eyed from all that monkey wine.

Susan as Herself said...

Sneaking up on a cat = not a good idea.


Reverend Awesome said...

Spike always looks like she's so sick of all the shenanigans.

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