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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

homemade gluten-free tortillas and beagles

What a cliche, right?  a)  bore the hell out of your friends with facebook (and blog!) photos of your dinner and maybe, even more boring, how you made it and b) another picture of your pets!

Yesterday Lesli observes that there is a always a beagle in my food pictures, and you see, that is why I AM NOT the usual boring friend posting pictures of either his dinner OR his pets:  my unique niche is that I combine the tastiest food with the cutest pets for FASCINATING pictures and posts, not boring at all....

I have fiddled with making homemade gluten-free tortillas in the last few years, as you know.  The wife and I ADORE burritos, and they are fun to make.  Everybody knows about prepared corn flour tortillas: masa harina and water, tortillas.  But gluten-free flour tortillas are just a tiny bit more complicated.  I wanted to try a new recipe that is NOT very complicated, easy to make, tasty, flexible, easy ingredients. And I wanted those ingredients to be as healthy as possible whole grains.

Oh my goodness.   This one is very good (click here for recipe) Just water, brown rice flour and arrowroot.  In that link she tells you to roll them out in parchment paper, but one trick we have learned along the way is that you can use wax paper and some sprinkled buckwheat flour to prevent sticking when you roll them, and don't use more than a couple of small drops of canola oil to cook each one (hello smoke detector!).

They are so flippin' fabulous, I think we will make them again today for a hat trick third day in a row.  These burritos had roasted sweet potato, cheese, spinach and tomato and rice and beans...a little overstuffed :)


Barbara Rogers said...

Yummmy...I prefer corn for my tortillas...guess it must have gluten, unfortunately.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I absolutely need to try this. I've been eating corn tortillas but really miss flour tortillas and burritos.

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