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Monday, December 14, 2015

so THAT is over and done with....

(the wife got a couple of pictures for her office and Spike wanted to check them will notice my new elephant shirt, which I swapped for Saturday:  elephant mug for shirt :)

Saturday evening, between the 2 day of a show, I get the anxiety attack because so many orders for so many things come to my email, last minute shoppers buying things ALL ON THE WEST coast.  Ah well, now that I have finished the shows for the year I can easily take care of that, but to be honest, ten days for shipping across the US is barely enough these days.....

ANYWAY, I loved the weekend show so much, great sales and everybody is family.  This is a small city and I love seeing old friends and making the new ones, being in the center of a fun event. A highlight was that there is a famous (locally) coffee shop here and a counter employee told me she recognized my work from the many people who walk in the door with my mugs that have little dogs or whatever on them and people want their daily cup in MY CUP.

I was talking with a sweet woman about dreaming of painting flowers on pots last January 1 and how I enjoy my dreams and don't have nightmares etcetc....oooof, spoke too soon!  The dream I just had was so awful:  I was visiting the far north of the US, Alaska's northern arctic oceanfront, where, bizarrely, warmer temps had melted enough ice everywhere that me and the group I was with could all go swimming between shore and the ice pack.  BUT then a woman came along, somehow related to a man in the group, and she had a machine gun and other weapons and was pointing it at him and said "any of you others who don't want to get hurt, you better go" and I RAN and ran, warning others around and there was the sound of gunfire and OOOF.  Here in America the news is filled with this every damn day...


Barbara Rogers said...

Sad to hear you had a nightmare, and triggered (sorry about pun) by news of gunfires on groups. I think even all the educated thoughtful people in the world are having a hard time coming up with an answer to this situation the US is currently experiencing.

Michèle Hastings said...

Shipping is so stressful this time of year! Last year everything to the West coast made it on time, while something going to Tennessee was late - go figure.

JB said...

Congrats on a successful show. My last for the year is Saturday and has already been shortened as it is expected to be 42C, and day 3 of a heat wave. Oh well, they say to make hay while the sun shines.....

Green Girl said...

How cool to discover you are FAMOUS and your cup is the best loved!

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