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Monday, December 21, 2015

LETHAL carrots and the underground economy....

One thing I plan to add to my bunny drawings on mugs this week is CARROTS. Carrots are today's theme kids, my favorite childhood vegetable...actually, the only one I would eat when I was little....I read about eye health and it tells you to make sure to eat carrots.  I read an excellent meal planning summary from a vegan nutritionist "choose a starch or grain like rice, add a bean and a green vegetable and lastly a yellow or orange vegetable and all your meal planning will be complete and healthy".  There are not as many yellow/orange veggies as green it seems....but the choices are good:  sweet potato or CARROTS! Which you can anything with...shredded on salad or in spaghetti sauce, added to your noodle dish, chopped into any stew, soup or casserole or just eaten, dipped or nekkid....

Quirk suggests a swap:  her farm raised veggies for my pots. From time to time she gives me an IMPOSSIBLY large quantity of veggies which are eaten obsessively for days and the remainder frozen.  This fall has been special, because she is the second friend to load us up with homegrown carrots, and I just finished the first 20 pound took a couple of weeks (you heard that right, 20 pounds of carrots eaten in weeks...).  But Quirk gave me SO MANY ENORMOUS baseball bat sized carrots (the wife:  each one is lethal sized, a carrot cudgel!) that some are kept fresh for this month, the rest chopped and frozen.  Somebody else gave me a lifetime's supply of fresh ginger...our freezer is pretty darn full right now, thanks....

So, the thing of it is, isn't it clever, swapping pots for food?  Something for something, outside the taxman's purview.....

(btw, our dog treats carrots like pork chops, doesn't yours?)

(photo shows regular size carrots at left, huge ones right)


Barbara Rogers said...

Great idea. I have a flue player (floutist?)who I trade pots for CD's with...great for gifting as well as listening myself!

Michèle Hastings said...

Luck you, I love carrots and fresh ones are the BEST!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

WOW! 20 pounds of carrots is insane. Insanely good!

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