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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

how to commit a felony, or the craziest dogsitting day.....

This was going to be a post about decorating pots by hand....that will wait for another day.

You know Yogi is a dog I babysit, and he is my awesome studio companion  while his family is away.  Yesterday he helped me glaze a boatload of pots, make dinner, walk to the post office, play with my dog and cat, he is a big part of this family.  He was my FIRST dogsitting gig, starting in early December 3 years ago when he was a puppy and I love him like my own dog.

He was the first, and as you know, nice people keep asking me to care for their pets too.  Yesterday I walked one and got back to their house and it all turned into a nightmare.  But the best thing about this nightmare (and the next one!) is that even though I wanted to freak out, I took care of things and ended the day with a smile, feeling like a million bucks.

SO, I get back to their house key.  Where did I put it?  I check my many key...we REDO our walk, NO KEY on the sidewalk!  I figure I might have to take that dog home to my house...but you know how you hear you can pick a lock with a credit card.  YOU CAN.  It is ridiculously easy.  I got an old red cross card of mine out of the car and in less than 5 seconds popped the lock and was in the house with the dog (note to self:  USE THE DEADBOLT!).

On the way home, you know those tiny pockets jeans have, the watch pocket?  I have never put anything into one of those.  Yeah.  I had slipped the key in there by accident..... I was relieved, no harm done, and now I know how to burgle a house!

OK, so on to the next dog of the lunchtime hour....I go into the house and it is a little dark and I walk through a LAKE OF SH!T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not a little pond, a GREAT lake of sh!t. I rid myself of socks, find the paper towels and windex and a bag and get the mess up...luckily on tile, not the carpet.

There are crumbs on the floor.

There is a savaged gingerbread house on the table.

The dog had gotten into the gingerbread and lived to tell the tale.... anyway, I called the family and said I would care for the dog as usual, but they MIGHT WANT TO COME HOME SOONER rather than later.....


Lori Buff said...

You could write another blog “Adventures in Dog Sitting.”

I love the bowl with the elephants on the rim.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh my two goodnesses! What great stories your nightmares make...just sorry you had to spend all that time going through them! Hand painted ceramics is the name of the game!

Michèle Hastings said...

Oh my, what a day! Glad that it ended well.

JB said...

Never a dull moment in a creative life. Pots looking great.

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