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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

beagles and tigers and elephants and piggies OH MY

It is difficult to believe, but Penny and Spike, dog and cat, ARE this close.  They play together, cuddle together, gossip together, sleep together.

Speaking of pigs, Meesh was blogging the other day about firing up some last piggy bank orders.  I made my first piggy banks in 1989 and they sold like hot cakes then and now.... I am not bored with them, but I once wholesaled them by the dozens, and let's just say that I make a greater variety of pots these days.
ANYWAY, Monday I shipped off what I figured was the last piggy bank of 2015, yippee! Kinda nice to sell out.  BUT YESTERDAY I had a paid order for a piggy from etsy (I should really pay more attn. to what I am doing over at etsy, note to self:  New Year resolution, pay more attn. to etsy).  I went and poked around and behind some mugs, there was indeed, ONE FORGOTTEN, lonely piggy bank.
This truly last piggy of 2015 went to a woman whose story goes like this (and I hope she is not reading this!):  in September I got an order for 6 piggies.  The woman wanted them as gifts to her bridesmaids, what a sweetie!  There had been a pleasant exchange of emails at the time, I don't think my pigs have ever been bridesmaid gifts.  ANYWAY, yesterday's truly last pig was purchased by her husband (2 months!) for her birthday, which is next week "she really loves your work, but she gave all the pigs away and she doesn't have one, so I wanted to surprise her!" he tells me.  Awesome :)

The wagon?  First:  let us note that there is NO SNOW out there.  I heard that Buffalo, just down the road, has set a record for LACK of snow--weather records say this is the first time they have ever gone into December without snow.  I have to tell you, 40s-60s for 2 weeks in December is pretty darn rare here, we have flowering plants!

ANYWAY, this weekend is the Little Red Wagon Show downtown, a very big event.  The wagon thing is because some vendors wander around with wagons, selling whatever.  I have this tiny wagon, which brings me good luck when I use it as a display in my shows :)


Lori Buff said...

So much sweetness in this post.

smalltownme said...

Holy Catz, Spike looks bigger than Penny there.

smartcat said...

Love the way Spike and Penny are best buddies. Those pencil topers are sooooo cute! Where did you find that wagon?

Michèle Hastings said...

Thank for the mention about piggy banks! I can't seem to stop the orders from coming in. Got another one yesterday, but they know they may not get until January.
Occasionally there is an online buyer that is a pain, but the wonderful stories, like yours, outweigh the grouchy people.

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