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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

neighbors eating neighbors….

Have I told you this?  I have been drawing characters lately, which later get onto mugs, of some different personalities…the lady in the glasses is Tiny Central, Zee is the alien, Dud has the smiley tee, and Sammy Twolane the ordinary kid… I have a mug of my own with them on there, and soon there will be more characters….

In other news, we are having a mildly terrible ice storm.  I awoke to no power or heat or water….(egad, no coffee and the house is COLD!) and I suddenly felt like a total suburban wimp, knowing that soon my neighbors would be shooting and eating each other and burning pianos to melt snow for drinking water…but I tried to keep my wits about me and huddled under blankets with book, flashlight and cat (who forgave me for tripping over him in the dark).  What killed me about the power outage is my neighbors across the river HAD power, all their lights on.  This is the first time in ten years we have lost power, because we live on a state highway almost next to the electric utility's main office….but I could see power crews out there, the lights came on (COFFEE!!) and the heat too.  It was only an hour.  And to make things even, I could see across the river THEIR power was out now that ours was on…go figure….


Anonymous said...

CUTE mug people!
We live on the wrong side of the street for power outages, I've concluded. And when it goes, we're among the last ones back on.
Glad you got yours back fairly quickly. The no coffee-no heat combo is a killer.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

The only thing good about our 8-day power outage before Thanksgiving was that I had several appointments with the surgeon and there is a coffee kiosk right outside his office. Thomas Hammer coffee is a local roaster/brewer and so good!
We also had the neighbors across the street from us who HAD power. Although it was annoying to see lights when we were in the cold and dark, it did mean that a boy could run over there and plug my phone in for an hour to charge it up.
Glad your power outage was short this time!

Caroline said...

I hate when you come home and you can tell the power has been off because the digital alarm clock is flashing and you don't know how long it was off for. I worry about perishables spoiling in the fridge.

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