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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

you're probably wondering….

….you're probably wondering about our squirrel.  I wish he was cute little red one instead of this big grey thug.  OH WELL, he entertains the cat….

IN OTHER news, this time of year you hear me talk about a) cleaning my messy house and b) getting ready to work on 2016 pottery projects.  There will be more celadon pieces (greenish) and also more majolica (watercolor-like painting on white glaze) pots too.  I have been fiddling a lot with this impressed flower style and a new light green celadon glaze, looks good, eh?

Have an awesome Wednesday!


Barbara Rogers said...

Just think of the little squirrel family that you are providing for...

Summer said...

Boy I have my own squirrel problems. We have these gorgeous little red squirrels all through my back yard, and they are unfortunately legally considered vermin because they chew into man-made structures.

My landlord's handyman set up a live trap yesterday, and I am to call whenever one of my precious squirrels is captured. The squirrel will then "go for a ride" and be released in the country.

While I don't doubt the squirrels will be moved and not killed, there's something that bothers me about relocating them away from their food caches in the middle of winter. Also, I am totally in love with them in general. I'm trying to be practical about it, but yesterday when I got home from Ohio and saw there was already a squirrel in the trap, frantically trying to gnaw its way out, I panicked and just let it go.

Total squirrel dilemma.

Hilary said...

I love that light green cup!

Red squirrels are much bolder and can be way nastier than the chubby greys. But they're as cute as anything.

cookingwithgas said...

I've lived here long enough to see squirrels as pest.
Good luck in 2016!

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