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Friday, December 25, 2015

opening the kiln on Christmas day...

Potters always say (hopefully!) that opening the kiln is like Christmas day...for a good or mostly good firing, that is.  Because firing pots is something you learn to control, to an extent, but there are a lot of ways things can surprise you and go WRONG and the results SUCK.

SO, how about if you open the kiln on Christmas day?! It is like Christmas on Christmas!
Here is what I saw on top.  I have been fiddling with this new light green glaze and hot dang, it looks GOOD.  The wife captured this cup and saucer for herself, because after all, it is Christmas day.

In other news, dozens of people congratulated us on our anniversary, which I posted about yesterday--all of December is special to us, but the 24th is the crowning glory.  God gave us the gift of some FINE weather, 65 degrees!  How often have we able to walk around in just a shirt on Christmas?  Let alone sneak the cat outside to join a family portrait?

People asked what special thing we planned for our anniversary...and I was like, hmm, hrr, um.... "well, there IS a new bottle of The Macallan...and maybe the dvd CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS!".

Finally, Quakers believe that no person is more important than another, no day more sacred than another and that God is present in us all.  Which means that traditionally Quakers like me have NOT celebrated Christmas....but we live in the world and I am sure most Quakers these days celebrate, just maybe a little more simply than some :)  Whatever you believe, I hope you have a fine day!


smartcat said...

A Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. Tastycakes!
That is a fine portrait of the Tastycake family!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Happy belated Anniversary!!!! So wonderful to see you again and it makes me happy to look at your pottery after such a long break. The green is beautiful. Merry Christmas. :)

Barbara Rogers said...

Hope you have a fine day too! Great portrait of the family.

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