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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

a green Christmas is a guilty pleasure...

dandelions blooming in December....

The weather reports tell us that after January 1 we will have some winter. My southern friends will not understand how unusual this fall and December have been:  we have a close to 100 percent chance of a white Christmas every year...I mean, c'mon, we live near Buffalo, everybody's go-to snow city!

But this year?  Ever since September 1 it has been very pleasant and warm, with only a couple of cold patches and a trace of snow.  We are expecting 60s for Christmas eve and I am serious:  I may have to cut my grass!!!!!

My hands and feet and the rest of me are always freeeeeezing, so I love it :)


Barbara Rogers said...

OK, so you are the one who wished for hotter weather and less snow! Please call back that wish!

Michèle Hastings said...

I am loving the warmth! I can only imagine how much money we have saved on heating costs so far. They are predicting mid-seventies here over the next week.

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