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Friday, July 10, 2015

WINNING BIG and on to July fest...

I was a winner! Well, runner-up, number 2.  You may recall I entered my studio in a competition for votes who had the best clay space, of four.  Thanks to YOUR votes, I was second! I should thank my neighbor's dog Yogi who was visiting that day and was in the pics....of course he is the reason I did so well!  Pottery Making Info Blog did it, which is put out by Brandon "FUZZY" Schwartz. I won this handmade tool by and a wee cup of Fuzzy's.

It is not a surprise that I won this, as I found 2 four-leaf clovers Thursday :)

I have NO PROBLEM getting up super early, as you know.  I drive an hour to the Binghamton, NY July fest as soon as my peanut butter sandwiches are packed into the cooler, and setup is at 6 am.  You do the math--leaving about 5 am, getting up to blob this and have breakfast etc....means waking up pretty early, 3-ish.  But routine for me! It is the staying up LATE that is a problem, and this is a long day and 3 days of it ahead.  But, super fun, selling pots in good weather and seeing all my friends....

The color on this teapot shot doesn't look right, but you get the of these is going to be an entry in a teapot competition soon....and some flowers that inspire such work, and lastly, YES, the dog DOES arrange her ears just so, no help needed....


smartcat said...

Toes crossed for lots of empty boxes at show's end.
Lots of pretty flowers for sweet inspiration!
How on earth do you find so many four leaf clovers? I think you are a record holder!

Lori Buff said...

Congratulations, I have a few tools by Troy and love them. You should love your clay knife too. I hope the winning streak continues and you get into the cup and teapot shows.

Barbara Rogers said...

Congrats Gary! You early birds are a species I've heard about. So happy for you...and have a great selling weekend, not to mention enjoy all your new friends.

Michèle Hastings said...

Congratulations! Troys tools are awesome. I bought Jeff a few for Christmas last year.

bartster said...

YAY, GR!!!! Congrats to you.

Polish Pottery said...

Nice mugs. We are producing similar ones. Btw congratulations!

JB said...

Well done, 2nd is still winning if there are prizes given. Good luck with the market and the teapot comp.

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