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Sunday, July 19, 2015

all those happy plants = ALLERGIES

The Ithaca area is so pretty, and our part of it extra pretty--Etna is a tiny hamlet with a river, bus stop, post office and playground. It has been impossibly rainy this summer, which is AVERAGE. (Today's forecast: rain!) I guess I can't imagine places that are hot and dry, I have never been to such a place.

My tomato plants are dying of blight.  They like water, but need more sun.
The weeds, however,  are thriving.
The combination of molds and late summer pollen has been a bit trying the last couple of days....I have had the stuffed nose and head of a teddy bear....


bartster said...

Funny, most places I've lived (and my wife and I have lived) are arid climate. Last night we were talking about how unaccustomed we are to damper climes even after six years here (and she growing up on Lake Erie). The Ithaca area does look beautiful and Yogi seems to be adapting fine :)

Barbara Rogers said...

So sorry about your allergies. I've been driving to Asheville once a week for the last 6 months to get allergy shots (formulated for just the allergies I have) which have made all the difference this summer. Soon I'll be on maintenance of by-weekly shots. Hopefully in the next year I'll have built enough tolerance that I won't need them any more. This week my sinuses did the swelling up thing though...I know how your head feels!

Michèle Hastings said...

Do you eat honey? I know that some vegans don't. Jeff suffered terrible seasonal allergies when we moved to NC. He started incorporating a tablespoon of local honey into his diet each day and it has made an amazing difference.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Summer allergies are the worst! Sorry you feel all clogged up. At least you got to enjoy the day with Yogi!

smartcat said...

The allergies have been terrible this year. Even Proge has been bothered. I have been spraying like mad for powdery mildew on my dahlias (Safers makes an excellent product.) And the grass hoopers would et the world if they could!
Yogi is such a big boy; it seems like just last week that he was a little ball of fluff!

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