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Sunday, January 18, 2015

thrilling and amazing your guests with homemade chocolates....

I came across a recipe last month to make chocolate covered nuts:  warm up some chocolate, toss in the nuts, stir, drop spoonfuls onto parchment paper DONE.

Then this week I came across another recipe, this one for chocolate dipped clementines! It would work for any fruit, like dried apricots, or fresh strawberries or even dipping in shortbread or pretzels, etc:

-peel 4 clementines, section
-chop some pistachios or other nuts
-warm 4 ozs. dark chocolate in a double boiler:  in this case, a small bowl or baking dish set into a saucepan with a little water, boil the water, turn heat down, stir chocolate as it melts, remove from heat
-dip sections of clementine in there, lay them all out on the paper, sprinkle with nuts, cool, EAT!

I knew there would be extra chocolate in the dish, so I had cashews at the ready and tossed them into the leftover chocolate, stirred, then dropped them onto paper too---two different chocolates at once!

THEN people came over and were blown away, saying twas the best chocolate in TOWN.  But it is so easy to do!


Caroline said...

I like the kitchen tiles and jars in the background. :)

Barbara Rogers said...

I've become addicted to a certain brand of dark chocolate with sea salt in it. Since it wasn't available where I shopped this week, I tried just dipping plain dark chocolate (70%) in my own sea salt...not the same but close. I think not all chocolates are created equal...oh my!

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