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Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's resolution scorecard: ZERO

The good and the bad:  day one of my New Year's resolution to brush the dog's teeth daily?  FORGOT.  Ooopsie!

Thursday was the first day in weeks I ONLY need to care for my own pets and not anybody else's.  My pet sitting, dog walking business has amusingly taken over my life.  GOOD.  It is so dang fun, and makes it easy to turn down pottery orders I don't want to do (see post 2 days ago about funeral urns). I dreamt about it last night, though, where I was at one dog's house anxiously waiting for another dog to show up...juggling those appointments... and trying to keep a LOT of people and pets happy.....

I was wondering a couple of weeks ago, not being a diarist or journal keeper, if I could write a haiku-a-day that describes the day in 3 pithy lines, with a drawing.  I DID do that on day one, I am proud to say, but it is a lewd haiku NSFW or viewing by small children.  And the doodle is still in progress.

I also sorted out my filofax.  You know what that low-tech item is, actual paper in a tiny notebook with rings?  This year I am adding a world map and NY city subway map that were given to me, also a huge wad of post-it notes.  My filofax calendar is a big mess of daily lists, notes, running, etc, etc.  I have been using this thing for 22 years (can you doodle with a pencil on a smart phone?  I think not....) and keep them stuffed in the back of my drawer.  I never look BACK at them.  My biographer can pull them out to find out when I went to the dentist in 2014 and also to see what pots I drew and planned to make and days when I had 7 dogs and cats to care for other than my own.... I was surprised to see that I gained a pound in 2014: from 121 last Jan. 1 to 122 now.
THE BIG filofax change is that the wife and I got matching black books 22 years ago but I gave her a cute pink one last year, so her old black one was sitting in my inbox.  I have now crammed so much junk into my filofax I had to split the year in 2--each calendar page being a day--so there is book one up to July and book 2 with the rest....good thing I have a lot of big pockets....

I DID also do the yearly cleanup.  I have (or HAD!) a towering pile in my inbox.  I go through it once a year, filing and sorting.  What a pile of SH!T!
Most went into the recycling, isn't that satifying?  I did find some nuggets of gold, like the dog's rabies cert. and an article about...myself....that I had forgotten.

AND FINALLY, the whole black eye peas and greens thing on New Year's Day for a year's good luck:  I made an Indian black eye peas curry dish, simmered all day, OUTstanding, with curried potato and spinach.


smartcat said...

The best laid plans of mice and men.........I'll bet that Penny is pleased that you forgot the brushing business.
Happy 2015!

Barbara Rogers said...

Ah sister and brother tumbling around! I did Filofax many years ago...what a lot of weight to carry around! Just saying. But that's cause I'm sucked into the digital age. When digital goes bad, I'll consider paper again. Happy new year back at cha!

Michèle Hastings said...

I knew there would be a video from the Black-Eyed Peas in this post!

smalltownme said...

Great action shots! Mmmmm, I want to make that curry!

Anonymous said...

Great start, teeth aside. It is amazing how your pet gig has expanded. Here's to a great 2015 for you, Gary!

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