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Saturday, January 31, 2015

January is a four letter word...

(again, Yogi comes over to play with Penny...this was BEFORE we got a lot more snow...)

You probably want to know about my dreams first:  I remember landing in a plane and it was on a crash landing course and we touched down in a Wendy's parking, then bumped along to the landing strip....suriviving...but puking.....

My friends in Florida boast of the LOCAL STRAWBERRIES they are buying and the EGGPLANTS AND TOMATOES they are growing in their yards.  WTF???????????  Can you imagine living in a place where January is the growing season?  The warmest place I have ever resided is Chicago.
(OH! But in Florida, from what I hear, you can also be eaten by an alligator or python whilst gardening, so pfft....who needs THAT?)

I wrote this haiku.

Good golly, ENOUGH
With this January sh!t!
Snow all down my pants...

 I mean, GAH! yesterday it was snowing so hard at times you couldn't see the road when I was driving, multiple accidents, my muffler is suddenly half falling off and I can't believe it is STILL January.  June-August lasts about 5 minutes, January 7 years....
I s'pose the thing to do is stop complaining, get the muffler fixed, stop putting off the steel studded snow tires and rejoice in February's comparitive warmth....

These pots have that sort of warm and lush tropical look, wouldn't you say?  Must be sub-conscious.


Michèle Hastings said...

20 degrees this morning in N. Carolina...brrrrrrr.
But it is supposed to be 50 later today. I could use some fresh strawberries and tomatoes right now. The ones at the supermarket taste like cardboard.

Barbara Rogers said...

I LOVE Yogi...what an energetic fun animal! (Couldn't live with him, but he's sure fun to watch!)

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling all the pain of that January haiku. Time to thaw!

bartster said...

We had some lovely freezer jam from raspberries we picked on a lovely summer day. Nice to have bit of summer in winter (here windchills were about thirty below f. this morning).

bartster said...

Windchill is thirty below here. We had some nice freezer jam made with raspberries picked on a lovely summer day. Later it was a veg. smoothie with avocado...that'll put some summer into this here winter!

Caroline said...

Great pots and great action shots!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Sorry!!!!!! It's sunny and lovely here today too. You will get your revenge when you have gorgeous summer weather and are out hiking or on your bike and I am melting in the heat and humidity/stupidity.

Love the action shots of Yogi running. He looks so happy. :)

smalltownme said...

I do not like that dream.

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