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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

ROUGH BEHAVIOR: new year, new dishes

Yeah, life with an energetic 21 pound beagle and a mellow 21 pound cat....
these pictures of the 2 of them clowning around is their usual dance just prior to their dinner.  I post these pics and worry that the CAT POLICE or DOG BUREAU will stop me and say "what is this insanity?".  Tell that to them!  The 2 of them like to play like its the dog park, a little interspecies tussle to work up an appetite.
Well, there have been casualties.  I average a new food dish for Penny every year, and a new water dish for Spike also.  Penny's breaks from play. Spikes water dish is, well, um, on the side of the bathtub. But every now and then there is a loud thumping crash because he pushes it into the bathtub to play with it.  It does not always survive.... this probably all seems pretty weird, but YOU probably have developed strange customs with your pets too, right?
Potters, or at least this potter, takes it all in stride and makes more...these 2 straight from the kiln to their mouths...


Lori Buff said...

It’s a lucky dog (or cat) that gets to eat from handcrafted pottery.

Caroline said...

The angle of that last photo makes the bowl look too small for a poor beagle with a big hunger. I'm thinking her next thought is to hide the toothbrush, just in case.

sherri said...

Hi Gary! This kind of playing is pretty common at my house too. 3 cats and a huge chocolate lab. Yeah, all the nice stuff is in cupboards or out of reach of the "Destructo Tail of Death" :D

Michèle Hastings said...

I have only one cat, and yes, we have some strange (to others) habits, as well. :-)

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